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Senior Pictures | Boise Photographer

Summer is always a great time to capture senior pictures. Nature is out in full bloom and the photo backdrop options in Boise are limitless.

Ashley and her mother met up with me in June to finally get her senior photos taken. COVID closures had put a lot of things on hold for all of us… and for Ashley, it meant holding off on her senior pictures. After some discussion, we decided downtown Boise would offer the most variety of backdrops and scenery to match her personality.

Senior Picture in downtown Boise

We began our time together in the photo studio. Mom really wanted to have some “decent” traditional photos to select from. The ones taken at school were “horrible”. Although they’re in the yearbook… they didn’t want to give those photos to family and friends.

senior drape picture

After finishing up with the drape photos, we took a walk outside to capture Ashley in some of the downtown scenery. She was game for about anything… so I included a variety of urban architecture, traditional buildings and downtown artwork in her photo backgrounds.

senior picture of boise female

Our final destination was freak alley. This is the location Ashley had been waiting for all evening. She was excited to walk down the alley and check out all the artwork. Her excitement really came through in photos.

senior photo in freak alley Boise

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