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Flock Cancer! It’s kind of my new motto. Plus, it’s the name of a new Boise event. The “Flock Cancer Pink Street Stroll” for breast cancer survivors and families.

Flock Cancer Pink Street Stroll

As a recent breast cancer survivor I was so excited to hear that someone had stepped up and created a walk for Boise. This person is Leslie Scantling. As a fourth-generation breast cancer survivor, she took it upon herself to fill a void left in the wake of Susan G Komen’s shutdown. For years, the Komen walk provided Treasure Valley survivors and families with a celebratory event. It was a place where family traditions were made and survivors could celebrate their breast cancer wins. As a fourth-generation breast cancer survivor, Leslie and her survivor mother, were feeling the loss.

Flock Cancer Boise Event founders

Leslie + her mother Barbara

Leslie took it upon herself to create a walk for fellow survivors. As a resident of Harrison Boulevard, she thought there would be no better place than home to hold the walk. A number of her neighbors came on board and she started getting the word out to the surrounding community. Leslie started by creating an event on Facebook and inviting her friends. Before she knew it, she had local television and radio stations picking up the story. The word was getting out. People were offering to volunteer and some local businesses donated money, time, and goods to the walk.

The Results

When I had originally told Leslie I’d happily photograph the event for her, she was hoping for only 50 people or so to show up. With only 5 weeks of planning she had set her expectations pretty low. I’m not sure what the total numbers were, but I know I photographed more than 50 people just in the photo booth area.

Her grassroots efforts paid off big not only in donations but the new tradition she has created for her family and many others. As of today’s date (5-27-21) she’s already planning next year’s walk. I for one have told her I’m on board and willing to help in any way that I can.

Breast Cancer Walk Boise

Until I was a survivor myself, I never really understood the comradery that occurs in these events. It’s about more than just dressing up and pink and hanging out with family and friends. This walk and others like it are safe spaces to talk with fellow survivors. Sharing experiences and gaining motivation to keep pushing through. The cancer journey does not end with radiation/chemo. Recovery from radiation, surgeries, chemo takes time and is usually only the first step of recovery. Hormone blocking drugs and physical therapy often follow treatment. Plus, don’t forget the emotional toll the whole experience takes on your body.

in front of house photography by: Kevin Roberts

I for one had a great time photographing this event. I spent my morning meeting women who’ve gone through similar struggles and I was doing what I love. Photographing people.

boise event photographer Leap Photography

Brenda Leap of Leap Photography

Leslie, her children and her mother, Barbara

If you’d like to learn more about Flock Cancer Idaho and keep up to date with next year’s walk dates… make sure to like the Facebook Page.

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