AJ and Susie Balukoff

Event: Children’s Champion Award 2019

Every fall, Idaho Voices For Children hosts an annual luncheon event. This luncheon is a fundraising event as well as an awards program, honoring one special person(s) in Idaho.

What is Idaho Voices For Children?

For those of you not familiar with Idaho Voices For Children; it’s a group of concerned Idaho citizens who group together to work on and implement new government policies and issues that will promote the interests and well being of children. The issues they focus on are health, education, safety, and family economic security. Their offices are headquartered in Boise, Idaho.

Idaho Voices For Children

The Children’s Champion Award Luncheon

Every year Idaho Voices For Children hosts a fundraising luncheon. Not only are they raising additional funds to help support their causes. They honor one individual with the “Children’s Champion Award”. The person selected each year has made great strides to make changes within Idaho or their community to help children.

2 women at a non profit event in Boise
corporate event attendees

Past recipients of the award include Mayor Garret Nancolas, Skip Oppenheimer, Attorney General Lawrence Wasden, and Olympic Gold Medalists, Kristin Armstrong. This past year not one, but two individuals were given this esteemed award.

Aj and Susie Balukoff were presented with the 2019 Children’s Champion Award. Not only is it an extreme honor to hold this award, but the winner receives a championship belt. AJ and Susie have been “heavy lifters” or staunch supporters of causes that affect children. This duo has made substantial influences and contributions in the areas of education and health for Idaho’s children.

AJ Balukoff speaks during the luncheon.

fundraiser attendees making donations

Attendees of the luncheon were able to donate to Idaho Voices For Children with the use of their phones.

photo of 2 event volunteers
group photo of women at a corporate event
AJ and Susie Balukoff

AJ and Susie Balukoff

The awards luncheon was a great success. Thanks to the generous contributions from guests, fundraising efforts exceeded their goals.

If you’re interested in viewing photos from other Children’s Champion Luncheons I’ve photographed in the past, follow the links below.

If you would like to contribute to Idaho Voices for Children you can do so with just a few clicks of your mouse.

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