FAMILY PORTRAIT SPECIALS: November 2019 | Boise Photographer

Just in time for the Holidays Leap Photography is announcing a portrait special designed just for families. If you’ve been putting off scheduling your family portrait … now is the time to schedule your photo session. For only $90 you’ll receive the following.


  • A 45 minute photo session in our downtown Boise photo studio
  • One FREE matted 5×7 print (Artists choice image)
  • private appointment to view your images and select your favorites (1 week following portrait session)


  • 8 people or less only
  • can not be combined with any other specials/promotions

****It is important to note that most people make selections and order additional imagery – however you have no obligation to invest beyond your initial investment.**


Ready to book your family portrait session? There are two ways to do so.

We’re Having An Open House!! | Boise Photo Studio

Join us on the First Thursday of March for our OPEN HOUSE .

The Leap Photography studio is opening to the public on Thursday, March 7, 2019. The doors will be open from 5-8pm in participation with other First Thursday events in downtown Boise.

Stop in, tour the studio and browse through Leap Photography’s work. Albums, prints and specialty items such as greeting cards will be on display. This is a great time to meet our photographer, Brenda Leap.

Take the elevator to the second floor.

When and Where

Date:  March 7, 2019
Time:  5 pm- 8 pm
Address:  1020 W. Main Street #200, Boise, ID  83702  (located in the historic Alaska Building in downtown Boise)

portraits by Leap Photography

Boise Photography studio

Why You Need To Print Photos On Paper | Boise Photographer

Technology today makes finding an image on our hard drive or the internet relatively simple … but I  still encourage my clients to make prints of their images. Be it large ones for the wall, desk size for your office or albums to browse through with loved ones, I recommend prints to share photos.

Why Prints?

You are probably asking why. Why in the world would I pay for prints when I can just get the digital files and upload them to my computer or social media pages to share with family and friends? Well the answer is this, uploading images to your social media is about the here … the now. Your friends and family will look at the photos once and they’ll be forever forgotten. Prints on the other hand are about preserving memories for our future generations. A paper print or album is a future family heirloom which will be handed down for generations. No one pulls out old negatives from 1950 to see what great-grandpa and grandma looked like when they first met, we pull out the prints and albums which have been passed down from mother to daughter and father to son.

The same applies to digital files. Digital files are the modern day negative; prints are the heirloom we hold onto, the item we run back into a burning house to save.

Ask yourself this question; 50 years from now, when sitting down with your grandchildren to show them your wedding or your high school friends, how will you show them the photos?

Why you don’t want ONLY digital files.

Will future computers / tablets be available to read the media storage devices of today? NOPE. One perfect example of how fast technology changes is cassette tapes. We all remember them, but do we have a tape player? Or what about floppy discs? I still have a few lying around the house … but it’s been more than a decade since I’ve owned a computer capable of reading this antiquated media. Fifty years from now, you’ll want to pull an album off the shelf, gather the grandchildren around the couch and start reminiscing right away. You will not want to rummage through the attic or basement hoping to find a device capable of reading a thumb drive or CD.

People don’t hang DVD’s or thumb drives on the wall.  Images stir emotions in us. Those emotions are why we love the image and carry copies around in our wallets or purses. On a moment’s notice we can pull the print out and hold it in our hands … Reigniting fading emotions. Floppy discs, CD’s and thumb drives just don’t give you the immediate warm fuzzy feeling that a paper print does.


Everybody forgets passwords. Social media sites will come and go. Many email accounts are fleeting. I don’t think I remember my first email address, let alone the password. How about MySpace? I bet there are some great memories that are lost forever. Don’t let that happen with your photos. Your grand kids deserve to see their heritage.

Printing photos may seem like an expensive luxury, but the priceless memories the prints contain are well worth the expense. If you’re hiring a professional photographer to take your portrait, you’re hiring him / her to capture this brief moment in time. This time in your life meant enough to hire a professional; why wouldn’t you have prints made?

 next to a wedding album

Anniversary Portraits | Boise Photo Studio

This past fall I had the pleasure of photographing two lovely couples who had hit major milestones in their marriages. One couple was getting ready to celebrate their 50th Anniversary and the other their 60th Anniversary. If you ask me… Anniversary Portraits were most definitely in order!

Each couple reached out to me, inquiring if I even took anniversary photos. Both couples were looking for traditional studio portraits and were hoping I could photograph them as a couple.

studio portrait of married couple on their 50th Anniversary

As you can see… YES, I photograph couples in the photo studio. In fact, I enjoy it! Each of these couples were just so kind. Plus, it was so much such fun listening to them tell their stories on how they met. The giggles and looks between each couple about memories shared filled my heart with such joy. Each couple is an example of how working on problems together and talking them through are the key to a successful marriage.

professional photo taken in photo studio of couple on their 60th anniversary

Congratulations go out to each of these couples! Also, a huge THANK YOU for choosing Leap Photography to document this special milestone.

50th Anniversary photo of couple taken in Boise, ID photo studio

If you’d like to inquire about studio portraits you can reach us at: 208-703-7360 or click the link below.

Studio Portraits | Boise Portrait Photographer

Studio Portraits Of My Parents

This post has been sitting in the holding tank for quite awhile.  The portrait featured is of my parents and was taken way back in April of 2017.  I don’t normally hold photos for this long before  posting, but this image was intended as a Christmas Gift and I had to wait to post it for fear of ruining the surprise of their gift.  Christmas has obviously come and gone and I think I’m completely safe to finally share this photo.

My parents had this portrait taken on their last stop through Boise.  They were traveling through on their way back home from Arizona.  Yep… they’re snow birds!  While here, they asked if I’d take their portrait.  I said heck yes! Yes, it’s true they’re my parents and I probably didn’t have much say in the matter, but the truth is I don’t think they’ve had a photo taken together since I was in high school.  I don’t want to say how many years that’s been, but lets just say these two were way overdue on an updated portrait.

So finally… I introduce to you my parents.  The two people who encouraged me to follow my talents and end up in this wonderful career of photography.

studio portrait of couple

Gift Card Sale… Just In Time For Mother’s Day | Professional Portrait Photographer

Mother’s Day is just around the corner… and Leap Photography has the perfect gift for your Mom!  A Gift Card to Leap Photography.  Portraits are the gift that truly gives back for years to come.

Use Code:  MOTHER2018

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Interested in purchasing?  It’s easy!  First, go to our web store to view our full lineup of gift card options.  Select the gift card(s) that will work best for your budget.  In checkout… don’t forget to enter the code listed above in your checkout screen (you’ll enter it right above the payment information) to receive the discount.

This sale won’t last forever.  Get 25% OFF now, and we’ll ship the gift card to you.  Your mom can then schedule a portrait session for a later date.  How easy is that?!

So, don’t waste countless hours walking the mall or surfing the internet looking for the perfect gift.  Jump on over to our web store to purchase the gift of professional portraits… you’ll be glad you did!


Portrait Photography Sale

College Graduation Photos: Baylee | Boise Senior Portrait Photographers

Graduation Season is just around the corner for our nations high school and college seniors.  For these young adults and their families… it’s not only a time to celebrate accomplishments, but it’s a  time to document this special occasion.  It’s a time of excitement and great change for these young adults.  Possibilities lurk around the corner and the excitement for change is in the air.

In my opinion,  high school seniors and college graduates alike should document this special occasion with professional portraits.  It’s a milestone in life which deserves to be captured in photos, and preferably by a professional photographer.  The excitement for the future is so present in our youth’s faces.  It’s an excitement worth being captured and printed on paper for not only them…. but their future generations.  This young person will someday be a parent, a grandparent… and let’s be honest, who doesn’t enjoy reviewing photos of our parents and grandparents from their youth.  I know I do!  Heck…. I laugh and grimace at my own high school senior portraits.  (Oh my the 90’s hair!).   Today’s youth is no different.  Their children and grandchildren will appreciate viewing their parents and grandparents senior photos as well!

With that said, the images below are of Baylee.  A recent college graduate.  I was so happy when her mother approached me inquiring about senior photos and mentioned that they both would like to have the photos taken on campus.  We set a date and met on the College of Idaho’s campus for an evening session in the spring.  We captured a number of great photos of Baylee alone and quite a few with her and her mother.  It’s an accomplishment for each of these ladies… so having a few family photos thrown in was important to these two.

If you are interested in scheduling a portrait session… give Leap Photography a call.   208-703-7360

I’d love to chat about your ideas and capture this special time in your life.

senior photo of college graduate

portrait of college senior

Portrait of mother and daughter

Outdoor Senior Portrait

Family Portrait of a mother and daughter

outdoor headshot of female


fun family portrait

The Reynolds Family: Studio Portraits | Boise Family Portrait Photographer

I think it’s safe to say that all of us at one point in our life have been an active participant in a family portrait session.  I for one know from first hand experience that gathering the troops for a portrait session…. especially the men… can be a daunting challenge.  Sorry guys….but I for one think I’ve heard every excuse in the book from my own father, brother, husband and brothers in law trying to get out of portraits.  Therefore I sympathize with everyone who just wants to capture an up to date family photo.

In the last 10-15 years I’ve seen the outdoor family portrait become the norm.  And with that trend I’ve also heard many complaints from all age groups and genders about being to hot, cold, or generally uncomfortable during the outdoor portrait session.

So many people assume having your family photographed in the outdoors is the only way to go.  This simply is not true.  Outdoor photo sessions are not for everyone,  plus…logistically they don’t always work.   If your family is gathering in the dead of winter, or maybe they’re just not outdoorsy folks, consider a studio photo.  Leap Photography does offer studio portraits to our clients any time of year… rain, snow or shine.

Yes, family portraits  taken in a the photo studio do lend to a more traditional look on average, but this is not always the case.  The clothing you choose along with your preferred background style can change the look and feel of your portraits.  So….if you’re aiming for a more casual family portrait just let me know this in advance and we can talk about different background colors such as plain white, or gray…. and we can talk about your thoughts on clothing choices.

Below are a few of the Reynolds Family favorite images from their studio portrait session.  As you can see…. the images are not overly formal.  Casual clothing helped give this family a new photo, with a relaxed look to add to the family album.

Thanks Reynolds family for trusting Leap Photography to capture this moment in your families story.

Family PortraitStudio Portrait of brothersprofessional family photo

Family Portraits: Rising Family | Boise Family Portrait Studio

HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE!  I hope you are spending your day surrounded by family and the ones you love.  With that in mind… I thought today would be a good day to share the Rising family portraits.

How I met the Rising family

I’ve known Dawn, the momma of this family, for a number of years now.  I believe we initially met at the Wedding Party Show. It’s a bridal show for engaged couples looking for wedding resources such as Dj’s, catering and photogrphy.  Over the years, the two of us kept running into each other at wedding industry events and weddings. A friendship was formed.  So much so that we even kept in contact when the Rising family moved to Japan for a year and a half.

family portrait at scentsy commoms

When the family moved back to Idaho, Dawn decided to signup for something she’d been thinking about for some time.   The Mrs. Idaho competition.  Her girls were now older and she had the time needed to commit to the challenge. She jumped into the competition and didn’t look back.  It was her way of volunteering time to the community and meeting new like minded friends.

professional picture of married couple
portrait of woman in pink dress

Family Portraits

During her year as a Mrs. Idaho contestant, Dawn came to me on two occasions to update portraits. The first time was last spring.  She came into the portrait studio to have her headshot updated (will be debuted in a later blog post).  The second time was this past summer.  She and the family met me at Scentsy Commons to have their family portrait updated.  This blog post features a few of the Rising family’s favorite photos from their portrait session.

family photo of mother and 2 daughtersheadshot of Mrs. Idaho contestanttwo sisters standing in tall grassprofessional headshot of Mrs. Idaho Contestantoutdoor family picture

Thank You Rising Family for choosing Leap Photography as your family photographer!

Studio Portraits: Maggie & Georgie | Boise Professional Headshot Photographer

Maggie and Georgia came into the photo studio one afternoon to update their headshots.  They decided to turn it into a ladies afternoon of pampering and fun.  Sure… a lot of ladies go to the spa, but who says you can’t add “photo day” to lists of acceptable “girls only” day activities.  If you ask me… it’s a great excuse to get all dolled up and pamper yourself.

These two did just that and decided it was not only time to update their executive headshots but also a good day to capture a few family photos.  Yep, these two ladies are not only friends…. but they’re also related.  They are part of the Mother in Law/Daughter in Law team over at Evergreen Home loans.

The three of us spent the afternoon taking photos, discussing clothing and jewelry options that would be best for photos and laughing.  After everything was said and done the ladies selected the following images as their favorites.

portrait of 2 women on white backgroundprofessional portrait on blue backgroundphoto of woman in photo studiocorporate headshot of women