Event Photographer | Festival Of Trees 2019

Leap Photography is proud to have been an official event photographer for the 2019, Boise Festival Of Trees! This was the 36th year St. Alphonsus hosted this charitable event. Over the years the festival has raised more than $10 million dollars to improve healthcare in the Treasure Valley.

Our photographer, Brenda Leap spent a little time behind the scenes of the annual fashion show. This year, Brenda photographed Santa, volunteers and the fashion show models.

We thought we’d share a little of our holiday fun with you. Here are just a few of Brenda’s favorite photos from backstage of the fashion show.

OH… and don’t forget, if you’re in need of an event photographer, give Leap Photography a call. We photograph events of all sizes.

Happy Holidays everyone!

event volunteers with Santa
Santa with two women at boise event
fashion models at Boise Festival of Trees
event photo of Santa with 2 women
alexander Davis fashion show models
breast cancer survival Star Wars Costumes

FAMILY PORTRAIT SPECIALS: November 2019 | Boise Photographer

Just in time for the Holidays Leap Photography is announcing a portrait special designed just for families. If you’ve been putting off scheduling your family portrait … now is the time to schedule your photo session. For only $90 you’ll receive the following.


  • A 45 minute photo session in our downtown Boise photo studio
  • One FREE matted 5×7 print (Artists choice image)
  • private appointment to view your images and select your favorites (1 week following portrait session)


  • 8 people or less only
  • can not be combined with any other specials/promotions

****It is important to note that most people make selections and order additional imagery – however you have no obligation to invest beyond your initial investment.**


Ready to book your family portrait session? There are two ways to do so.

On-Location Business Portraits: Boise

If you’ve been keeping up with our blog posts over the last few months you’ve noticed I’ve been talking a lot about business portraits. That’s because I’ve been helping a number of different companies update their look. I’ve been helping them create an up to date, professional look for their online and print marketing materials.

Block 22 Hotels

Earlier this year I met a few employees from Block 22 Hotels. They mentioned new business portraits were really needed for employees. It had been at least a few years since everyone was photographed and they really wanted to update there look.

The portraits were to be used both within the inner office messaging system and in web marketing materials. After a bit of discussion, it was decided that photographing the employees inside the hotel would work best.

Block 22 Hotels has a number of employees with very different job responsibilities. For individuals working in more specialized areas of the hotel, I photographed them in the area they spend most of their time. For example, restaurant staff were photographed in the kitchen and dining areas of the restaurant.

female sous chef standing in restaurant
man leaning against a stainless steal bar counter

The lobby of the Grove Hotel was a great place to photograph all other employees. The wood details, in addition to the plush furniture and warm overhead lighting, created a perfect location to capture portraits of those employees with more generalized job responsibilities.

headshot of woman leaning on leather chair
portrait of woman taken inside a stadium
female bar manager standing behind the bar counter
professional photo of woman in her place of work
corporate headshot of man leaning on leather chair

If you are looking for business portraits similar to this, consider an on-location session. Using your office or showroom floor as a backdrop will help set your headshots apart. The images will be more personalized and help your potential clients get an inside look at your business.

Want to view more on-location portrait session examples? Jump on over to our website , you’ll find a number of great ideas.

Professional Headshots: Why You Need them | Boise Photographer

Besides work experience and a resume, using professional headshots to help promote yourself for a new job or on your company website is a must!.

Before the internet, corporate America and Hollywood were the only industries requiring individuals to have an up to date, professional headshots. The internet has since come along and made information extremely accessible to anyone with a web connection.

Google Images is at our fingertips

If an individual wants to learn more about you or your company they now look no farther than their smartphone/computer. Information is literally at the consumer’s fingertips. Because of this, the first impression you often make is via the internet. Be it your company website, your LinkedIn profile or your social media pages, people are looking for information about you online. They are also looking for images of you.

Impressions are made about you/your company before a person even meets you or steps through your company doors. How many times have you done research about a company or looked up a new doctor before going in for your appointment? Your potential customers are doing the exact same thing. They’re researching you and your business.

First Impressions Count

Almost everyone has narrowed down their selection of whom to hire based on the headshot placed online.  Maybe you felt a person’s photo made them look as if they would be easy to work with. Or, a stern expression on another person’s headshot gave you the impression they would be a tough lawyer.  Although many factors do go into selecting whom you will hire, the headshot used on their website and sales literature do leave you with an impression about the person and their business.

Don’t Use a Selfie!  Hire a Professional Photographer.

I know it’s easy to snap a selfie or ask a friend to take a quick photo on a cell phone. However, the lack of energy put into your selfie in comparison to having your headshot taken by a professional photographer can affect your business negatively. Investing a minimal amount of time and money into a good headshot can help show your prospective clients you take your business/job seriously. It leaves an impression you care about your business and in turn your potential clients.

This is where Leap Photography can step in to help you out. Our photographer, Brenda, can help recommend ideas for clothing, jewelry, hair, and makeup which will help you set yourself apart. She’ll ask you how you plan on using your headshot and recommend either a studio or an on-location portrait session. If a studio session is what you desire or what your company requires… Leap Photography has a number of different backgrounds on hand. We have a number of different colors and background styles available for use. Backgrounds range from contemporary solid colors to traditional canvas backgrounds.

So… what are you waiting for? Contact Leap Photography today to learn more.

studio headshots
casual business headshot
executive headshot in boise
on location headshots
business headshot of helicopter pilot
Casual studio headshots for business
business headshot

Want to see more samples from our portfolio? Jump on over to our website!

Not sure what to wear to your portrait session? Here are a few links with helpful Tips.



We’re Having An Open House!! | Boise Photo Studio

Join us on the First Thursday of March for our OPEN HOUSE .

The Leap Photography studio is opening to the public on Thursday, March 7, 2019. The doors will be open from 5-8pm in participation with other First Thursday events in downtown Boise.

Stop in, tour the studio and browse through Leap Photography’s work. Albums, prints and specialty items such as greeting cards will be on display. This is a great time to meet our photographer, Brenda Leap.

Take the elevator to the second floor.

When and Where

Date:  March 7, 2019
Time:  5 pm- 8 pm
Address:  1020 W. Main Street #200, Boise, ID  83702  (located in the historic Alaska Building in downtown Boise)

portraits by Leap Photography

Boise Photography studio

Headshots: Aviation Specialties | Boise Photographer

This blog post is all about some headshots I took for Aviation Specialties.  Their two founding owners were in need of up to date professional portraits.  They had been notified their company would be being featured in an upcoming article in Vertical Magazine.  The publication was requesting current headshots of both owners… to accompany the article.

Aviation Specialties contacted me, inquiring if I was up to the challenge.  The challenge being two fold.  One, did I feel comfortable photographing each individual inside the helicopter hanger.   Preferably with the helicopters some how incorporated into the images.  Challenge two, neither of the gentleman in need of portraits, wanted to have their photograph taken.  In fact, they were already “grumbling” quite a bit about the idea.   Did I think I could handle a few gentleman not eager to have their portrait taken.  I said heck YES, I was totally up to the challenge!

For those of you who are not aware of what Aviation Specialties does… they specialize in aviation products.  They design and sell a variety of products, including night vision equipment and tactical helmets.  Pilots throughout the world use their products.  They are leaders in their industry and they just happen to call Boise, Idaho home.

The images posted below are just a few of those selected as favorites by “Aviation specialties”.  In fact, you’ll find the tear sheet from the magazine article at the bottom of this post.  It highlights a few of the images taken by Leap Photography.

headshot of helicopter pilotprofessional portrait of helicopter pilotcorporate headshot taken on work siteportrait of pilot in helicoptertearsheet of magazine layout

Bridal Show: Tips for Attending | Boise Wedding Photographers

Got a wedding photography checklist started?  If not, you should.  And the first item of business you need to add is :

  • Attend A Bridal Show
I’m bet you are asking yourself…. isn’t going to a bridal show a waste of time?  I mean….I have Google.

I know it seems as if sitting in front of your computer and using the power of “Google”  is the way to go…. but I assure you it is not.  Yes, you can gather a lot of great ideas and pin them to your Pinterest boards… but I assure you,  nothing, absolutely nothing beats the experience of meeting your potential vendors in person.  In addition you can see, smell and taste all the different products vendors have to offer.  Think about it…..will your web browser let you sample a piece of wedding cake, feel that gorgeous silk linen you’ve had your eye on or touch and feel a wedding album that a photographer such as myself has on display?

In addition, attending a bridal show is a great way to gather creative ideas and to ask local vendors questions not only about the services they offer, but their opinions on other wedding topics.  For example, you could walk into the Leap Photography booth, browse through my display albums and see a photo with floral arrangements you just love, or see photos where the guests are having a great time at the reception.  If you asked me… I’d be able to tell you who the florists or DJ were for those weddings.   Attending a show is a great way to learn from the collective experience of the vendors.  We’ve been to a lot of weddings, seen a lot of DJ’s in action, tasted many cakes, and worked with many different coordinators.  Basically, we’ve seen it all and can give you our opinion on what does…. and what doesn’t work.

OK, I’m in… when is the next bridal Show?

Leap Photography will be at two bridal shows in the month of January.  I encourage you to come to at least one of them… if not both.  Some vendors are only in one show, and others you’ll have a second chance to visit.

January 6, 2018 — 10 am – 5 pm
January 7, 2018 — 11 am – 4 pm
Location:  Boise Centre on the Grove (Boise)
January 20, 2018  —  10 am – 3pm
Location:  Idaho Ford Center (Nampa)


What can I expect as a bride?

The biggest show here in the treasure valley…THE WEDDING PARTY SHOW    is quite large.  It is a 2 day show which gives you the opportunity to go back a second time if you feel like you just couldn’t get through it all.  There will be over 100 vendors in attendance plus a number of  fashion shows will be held throughout the two days.  You will want to budget ample time to collect brochures, talk to vendors, taste samples and watch the runway shows.  Make sure to give yourself enough time to get the information you need plus gather the verbal information you may be in search of.  You don’t want to feel rushed.

To see a list of vendors at this years show a… click this link:  THE WEDDING PARTY SHOW VENDORS

The…..  IDAHO WEDDING EXPERIENCE is the next largest show in the valley.  This one day show packs a lot of punch into 5 hours.  The show is slightly smaller than the one held in Boise earlier in January.  It will have over 50 vendors in attendance. Like the Wedding Party Show, this show also has a number of fashion shows and is a great place to sample food and talk to vendors.  I suggest showing up earlier in the day so you can soak in the experience.


What should I bring?

1)  Someone who you value their opinion.
Ask your fiance to come along….but don’t fret if he declines.  Guys just don’t get as excited about wedding planning as we do.  I definitely suggest asking your maid of honor to come along with you.  It’s helpful to have a second pair of eyes.  Also if you have family members you would like to invite…do so.
2)  A large bag to throw collected brochures and business cards into.
3)  A list of items you really need to look into for your wedding
Like going to the grocery store……it’s easy to get sidetracked while at the bridal show.  If you’ve already done some wedding planning, you will want to bring a list with you to help keep you on track.
4)   2-4 sheet of labels which include the following:
       -your name
       -phone number
      -email address
       -wedding date
 A number of vendors will be giving away door prizes.  You wouldn’t want to miss your chance to win something and you certainly don’t want to spend to much time writing this info down.
5)  A pen/pencil + a pad of paper.
It’s helpful to write down notes about specific things you liked about one vendor or another or products you want to research more…. while you are in a vendors booth.  You will gather a large amount of information while at the show.  The notes you make while in attendance will help you remember specifics about vendors and products after the show.
6)  Your smart phone
Take photos of all the cool ideas you find at the show.   You can come back to the images later when you need inspiration.
7)  A comfortable pair of shoes.
The show is quite large and you will be doing quite a lot of walking.  Comfy shoes are highly recommended.
8)  A check book and credit card
 If you find a a must-have product or service and you want to book it immediately… you’ll need to have some form of payment with you…..and not everyone takes plastic at the show.
A lot of first-rate services such as photographers, florists, and venues book quickly, so you may want to reserve their services with a down payment/deposit at the show. Some vendors also offer “show discounts”  if you book with them while at the bridal show.

Most Important Tip
Now that you have all the information on how to attend a show….  the most important advice I can give you is to have fun!  Planning a wedding can be stressful enough.  Don’t turn the show into a miserable experience.

The bridal show was designed to not only be a great way for you to gather all the information you need under one roof…..but to be fun as well.    So enjoy your day at the bridal show!  Taste the cake samples, the mini quiches over at “XYZ” catering and learn a new line dance with one of the DJ’s.  You’ll be glad you did.

wedding table decorantlers as centerpiece in wedding decorwedding photographers bridal show booth

CW Moore Plaza Wedding: Kerri + Tyler | Boise Wedding Photography

It’s December 23rd and Boise finally  received it’s first official snow fall.  The white blanket of cold stuff got me thinking back to the warm days of summer and all the different weddings I had the pleasure to photograph.  Since the weather is a bit cruddy out today….and I’m WAY behind on blogging, I thought today would be the perfect time to highlight the wedding of Kerri and Tyler.

Kerri and Tyler chose June 10, 2017 as their wedding date.  Their goal was to surround themselves with family and their closest friends.  On our first meeting they told me they really just wanted to celebrate with their favorite people and “drink good wine and dance the night away”.  Each had been married once before and each had different regrets about their first wedding day.  Both were in agreeance… this time around… they would keep the wedding day simple.  Maintaining a focus on the celebration of love and the people who helped make them who they are today.

Once they had decided on early June for the date, they next needed to find a venue.  They selected the CW Moore Park Penthouse in downtown Boise.  This couple had a number of out of town guests who would be in attendance and this venue is walking distance from a number of hotels in downtown Boise.  This newly remodeled venue is spacious and includes both indoor and outdoor areas for use.  Plus….the penthouse has one of the best downtown views of the Boise sunset.

Kerri & Tyler brought in VCI Audio to help keep the party going.  VCI Audio not only helped announce events such as the cake cutting and first dance….but they also kept the music playing all night.  They have a large selection of music to accommodate anyone’s musical tastes.  This wedding had a grouping of eclectic musical taste on hand, yet VCI’s experience in entertaining groups kept the dance floor full at all times.

Thanks Kerri & Tyler for choosing Leap Photography to be a part of the party!

bridal portrait on basque blockbridal party at CW Moore Parkwedding picture taken in downtown Boisemarriage photos of boise couplecontemporary wedding photo of Boise Couplewedding rings closeup by professional photographerCW Moore Penthouse Wedding Ceremonyring exchange during wedding ceremonyWedding Portrait taken in downtown Boise, IdahoWhite and Red Wedding Cakeprofessional wedding photoBoise Couple cuts wedding cakeFirst Dance photos at CW Moore PenthouseWedding Picture taken in dowtown BoiseCandid Event PhotographyFormal Wedding picture

Facebook: Boost Your Business | Event Photography

The last 3 months I have been completely busy with event, wedding, business headshots, newborns and family portraits. My busy shooting and editing schedule has left me with little time to add new content here on the blog.

It’s been nuts around here to say the leas. It’s a good thing because I love what I do. Plus, I have a lot of photos to share with you in the near future.

A Huge Thank You

Since today is Thanksgiving… I thought I’d jump back into updating this blog and giving you, my readers a little insight into my life as a photographer.  Although I’m not the best at keeping this blog up to date; I do truly appreciate each and every one of my clients. I also appreciate everyone who reads this blog.  Your support helps me continue to be a photographer and for that I’m very thankful.  I can’t imagine a career doing anything else.

Facebook: Boost Your Business

So…. let’s start with an event I photographed this past August.  It was the “Facebook Boost Your Business” event which was held here in Boise.  Facebook brought their crew of experts into town to help teach small business owners about all the marketing opportunities Facebook has available to them.  In addition to having a few different keynote speakers, Senator Jim Risch being one of them, the organizers of the event even went so far as to creating panels of speakers from the local community.  A few panels included business owners actively using Facebook as a primary marketing tool and another panel included persons from local resources such as the SBDC (small business development center) and Zions Bank Business Resource Center to field questions from the crowd.

Facbook Boost Your Business Stage Decor

Each panel of speakers discussed some pros and cons about Facebook and how it relates to their business or their clientele.  Panel members shared success stories and stories of failure with the audience.  All great nuggets of info for the business owner in attendance to take note of and consider for future use in his/her own small business.  Each small business is unique and the best course for marketing varies from business to business. 

What Attendees Learned

Event attendees also learned about the current status of small businesses in Idaho and how these businesses impact the local economy.  For example… did you know 56% of Idaho’s work force are employed by a small business?  I didn’t!  Idaho actually beats the national average on this statistic.  Nationally only 47% of workers are employed by a small business.  With Black Friday right around the corner, this statistic makes me even more steadfast about a decision my husband and I made a few years ago. We try and only support local businesses. No big chains if at all possible.

Attendees of Facebook Boost Your Business Event
Photo Booth at Corporate Event

This was an event I really enjoyed photographing.  Not only did I meet a lot of really wonderful small business owners from the Boise area… I also gained some knowledge to implement in marketing my own small business.

Candid Photo of Attendees of Corporate Event

Speaker at Facebook Boost Your BusinessKatie Sewell of the Idaho SBDC starts the event off with a brief presentation.

Candid Photo of Event Attendees

Senator Jim Risch Keynote SpeakerSenator Jim Risch was the Keynote Speaker

Facebook Employee speaks at Boost Your Business

Photo of a Panel of Speakers

participant in workshop takes notes on computer

Paige Coyle, speaks on panel at Facebook Boost Your BusinessPaige Coyle, marketing director at Payette Brewing talk about how they implement Facebook marketing into their business.

Photo of speaker at Boise's Facebook Boost Your Business

candid photo of event attendee

candid photo of panel of speakers

Photo of male presenter at corporate event

Jessica Flynn of Boise Speaks at Facebook Boost your BusinessJessica Flyn of Red Sky PR moderates one of the panels.

Candid photo of a panel of speakers at a corporate event

Engagement Photos: Jasen + Tawny | Boise Portrait Photographer

You might recognize this couple from a post I made earlier this month.  It highlighted photos from their wedding day.   They exchanged vows at the end of May, but we got together to capture their engagement photos a few weeks before the wedding.

We decided on an exact location for their engagement session after discussing how they were going to use the images and what type of look they were hoping to capture in their photos.  In the end, Jasen and Tawny opted to have a two location portrait session.

We started with a stroll through downtown Boise’s “Freak Alley” and moved onto Kathryn Albertson Park to catch a few images in a more natural setting.  Jasen and Tawny decided a downtown photo shoot was a perfect fit for their personalities.  They are the first to admit that they are not really outdoorsy people.  Plus, their wedding ceremony was going to be held in downtown Boise at CW Moore Park and the reception was set to be held at Besides Bardenay in Boise’s Basque Block.  Both venues are right in the heart of downtown Boise.

Although Tawny and Jasen were really looking for urban portrait photography …. they knew their parents might appreciate a few more traditional outdoor portraits to display on their walls.  Because of this, we all decided it would be good to finish up our portrait session at Kathryn Albertson Park.

If you look below, you will see a few of Jasen and Tawny’s favorite engagement pictures.

If you’re getting married and looking for a professional photographer to capture your engagement pictures or your wedding day…don’t hesitate to give me a call.    I’d love to get together and chat about your portrait photography needs.

~ Brenda

Engagement Photos in freak alleyurban engagement photooutdoor engagement photographyprofessional photo in freak alleyoutdoor portrait of coupleoutdoor portrait in downtown Boisecreative urban portrait