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A baby photo album is an item almost anyone reading this post will have a distinct memory of. Most likely, those memories include a much younger you, holding your own baby photo album full of photos your parents took. If you’re lucky, your baby album might include a few professional studio shots as well.

A Custom Designed Baby Album?

We all know times have changed, but this is especially true in the world of photography. Not long ago it was unheard of to have your photographer make a custom album of just any photo shoot you hired them for. Except for a wedding album, that has been standard procedure for many years. On the other hand, all other photo shoots were reserved to large prints on the wall.

Why? It was much harder to design and create photo albums before the introduction of digital photography. Shooting on film really limited the type of albums photographers could produce to our clients. We didn’t have design software such as Photoshop. Plus, in the days of film, photographers only had one type of album we could could make. It was the same matted album we provided to our wedding clients. The configurations of the matts were very restrictive plus the albums were only available in 3 different colors… black, brown and white.

baby photo album

The Times Are Changing!

Digital Cameras have opened up a whole new world of photography products available to all of us. The album industry is one in which those of us who have been professional photographers for years have witnessed extreme changes in. Gone are the days of taping prints behind matts and creating a book.

The albums I now offer clients are completely custom. My clients get to choose the cover material and color, text imprinting or no imprinting…. and so much more. The interior pages of the album are now designed in the computer, allowing endless possibilities for page layouts. The largest advantage of the new lay flat albums is there are no more photo matts! I can create a collage of images or even add page textures to the page layouts. I am no longer restricted to the type of matts offered by the album company. The new lay flat books are truly as unique as my client.

photo album with linen cover

OH Baby!

I recently delivered a custom designed, baby photo album to a few of my clients. The parents had brought their little one in for her first professional photo session.

This little girl’s parents were absolutely delighted with her arrival. They had been trying for quite some time to start a family and they were over the moon with joy! Honestly…. what better way celebrate her arrival than to have an album made? The book is filled photos capturing a very specific time in Bradley’s young life. Babies grow up so quickly! These images will help the family remember exactly what she was like in these younger days.

baby album page design

As you can see… their album is filled with unique photos . Photos telling a story about little Miss Bradley. I know, this album will be picked up, viewed and memories will be relived for years to come.

lay flat photo album
newborn photo album layout

I can create custom albums from your family portraits, high school senior or headshot session as well. If you’d like to learn more don’t hesitate to ask for details. I’d love to show you all your options and discover the best option for you.

Community Baby Shower | Boise Photographer

It was an honor to be the Boise Photographer asked to capture photos for promotion of great non-profit event… Community Baby Shower. In June I had the pleasure of volunteering my photography skills to this non-profit. The photographs I created were used in print, web and TV promotions to help raise awareness about the item drive.

What Is The “Community Baby Shower”?

This community-wide event was designed to collect much needed baby supplies to help at-risk mothers give their babies a healthy start. Donation bins are located in various business locations throughout the Treasure Valley. Items such as diapers, wipes and formula can be left in any one of the donation bins. I know these basic baby items may not seem like much of a donation to some of us… but these donations mean the world to the mother’s on the receiving end. These families are not only struggling to make ends meet, they’re often overwhelmed with the new baby in their life.

How Leap Photography Was Involved

I’ve donated items to the donation bins in the past for this event, so when I was approached about helping create images for marketing purposes my answer was YES!

woman and baby on white background

I met up with a few team members from KIVI TV to brainstorm ideas for the photo shoot. After a lengthly discussion, we decided to photograph one of the families who had recently been a “Community Baby Shower” recipient.

baby boy wearing hat

The Photo Shoot

The family and the KIVI TV crew met me in the photo studio to capture the images. I total we 10 people running around my tiny studio. Although it was a little chaotic, and somewhat crowded at times, it was so much fun to photograph.

These little ones brought so much energy and excitement to the photo shoot. They were excited to photographed and to be a part of this promotional campaign. Honestly, It’s not often I have little ones who are so excited and ready for a photo session. These kids felt like starts and it shines through in their smiles.

woman and 2 children
woman holding baby

All in all I feel we captured some great promotional shots! This post highlights just a few of my favorites from the day. There were so many good ones that it was honestly hard to narrow down to these images.

studio photo of girl

So… if you’re looking for a non-profit to donate your time or money to… Consider Community Baby Shower. It not only helps educate the mothers and provide much needed baby supplies, it also helps the mother’s set up a healthy environment for the children.

Michelle Edmonds (KIVI TV Anchor) and the family.

Back To School Mini Sessions | Boise Photographer

Although it’s hard to believe, summer is almost over! It’s back to school time which means it’s time for the annual school photo.

Mini Sessions With Leap Photography

Don’t settle for the photos taken by the school photographer! Schedule a mini session for your child with Leap Photography. Your child will receive 10 minutes of time in front of the camera and you’ll have a number of proofs to select from. Plus you’ll receive one digital file of your choosing… copyrights included. It’s a deal too good to pass up!

How Do I book?

To schedule, your child’s mini session give Leap Photography a call. 208-703-7360. Appointments are limited.

Newborn Photography | Boise Photo Studio

Recently I met up with some ladies I had not seen in a while. Through the course of the conversation, one of the ladies mentioned: “you should get into newborn photography”. I replied, “I do photograph newborns I thought you knew that”. It turns out… she had no idea because I don’t talk about this service very often on social media or here on my blog.

Today I’m here to let you know… YES, I do photograph newborns, infants, and children. I’m more than just a headshot and wedding photographer!

A few things to think about before your child’s photo session

I only photograph newborns and infants in the photo studio. I do this because you will end up with a much better portrait of your little one. Working in the studio allows for a controlled environment, free of distractions for the little ones. I can also control the temperature and noise levels within the studio, something that can be difficult to achieve if I come to you.

If your child is 6 months old or older I can photograph him/her in the studio or we can meet on location. Whatever you choose, keep in mind the younger children do tend to photograph better in an environment with few distractions. Quiet parks and backyards would be more ideal than a trip to the zoo or a local playground.

The best time of day to photograph children of any age is in the morning. I don’t recommend photographing children after 1 or 2 pm. Also, do not schedule your child’s portrait session during their nap time or meal time. In my experience trying to adjust their schedule for just one day never works.

To learn more about Leap Photography’s newborn and children’s portrait services don’t hesitate to contact me directly. ~ Brenda

newborn in father's arms
newborn girl in pink headband
infant boy
crying baby girl
sleeping infant girl
baby on father's shoulders
newborn girl
naked infant portrait

Back To School: Mini Sessions | Boise Portrait Studio

Most of the Treasure Valley went back to school this week and with that comes school photo day.  Although all students are photographed on school photo day….primarily for school records (ID Cards, school administration software…etc.) you as a parent DO NOT have to purchase those photos.  In fact….it’s a little known fact…but you can submit photos from an outside photo studio to the yearbook staff. 

Unfortunately…to many parents settle for the photo taken at the school. The primary reason being they feel that going to a professional portrait photographer such as myself is simply just out of their price range.  I’m here to tell you that’s not true!  Quality portrait photography is affordable.

Leap Photography has designed a “Back to School” photo day just for parents who want to be on hand when their child is photographed.  The date is set or September 9, 2017.  You’ll get to make sure their hair is perfect, their clothing is impeccable and YOU WILL GET TO CHOOSE YOUR FAVORITE IMAGE.   A proof gallery will be uploaded online…and you will select your favorite image.  You don’t get that option on school photo day!

So….if you have a pre-k to 11 th grade student…..what are you waiting for?  Call or email  Leap Photography today to schedule an appointment for your student(s).


Back To School Portrait Special

Just For Kids: Studio Portrait Day | Children Photography | Boise

I’m excited to announce  “Just For Kids”!  A  studio photography event designed just for the little ones in all of our lives.
This portrait event is all about capturing the personality of your child!  So…I’m keeping the look simple and clean.  Just a white background, your child and their smile….or maybe frown….whatever they bring to the camera.  It’s all about capturing this phase in their life.
If it’s been awhile since you’ve had your children photographed…or maybe you’ve never had them photographed by a professional photographer…now is the time to do so!  Call, text or email Leap Photography today to reserve your session time.  Session times are limited and will fill fast! 
Children Photography Promotion