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Besides work experience and a resume, using professional headshots to help promote yourself for a new job or on your company website is a must!.

Before the internet, corporate America and Hollywood were the only industries requiring individuals to have an up to date, professional headshots. The internet has since come along and made information extremely accessible to anyone with a web connection.

Google Images is at our fingertips

If an individual wants to learn more about you or your company they now look no farther than their smartphone/computer. Information is literally at the consumer’s fingertips. Because of this, the first impression you often make is via the internet. Be it your company website, your LinkedIn profile or your social media pages, people are looking for information about you online. They are also looking for images of you.

Impressions are made about you/your company before a person even meets you or steps through your company doors. How many times have you done research about a company or looked up a new doctor before going in for your appointment? Your potential customers are doing the exact same thing. They’re researching you and your business.

First Impressions Count

Almost everyone has narrowed down their selection of whom to hire based on the headshot placed online.  Maybe you felt a person’s photo made them look as if they would be easy to work with. Or, a stern expression on another person’s headshot gave you the impression they would be a tough lawyer.  Although many factors do go into selecting whom you will hire, the headshot used on their website and sales literature do leave you with an impression about the person and their business.

Don’t Use a Selfie!  Hire a Professional Photographer.

I know it’s easy to snap a selfie or ask a friend to take a quick photo on a cell phone. However, the lack of energy put into your selfie in comparison to having your headshot taken by a professional photographer can affect your business negatively. Investing a minimal amount of time and money into a good headshot can help show your prospective clients you take your business/job seriously. It leaves an impression you care about your business and in turn your potential clients.

This is where Leap Photography can step in to help you out. Our photographer, Brenda, can help recommend ideas for clothing, jewelry, hair, and makeup which will help you set yourself apart. She’ll ask you how you plan on using your headshot and recommend either a studio or an on-location portrait session. If a studio session is what you desire or what your company requires… Leap Photography has a number of different backgrounds on hand. We have a number of different colors and background styles available for use. Backgrounds range from contemporary solid colors to traditional canvas backgrounds.

So… what are you waiting for? Contact Leap Photography today to learn more.

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Casual studio headshots for business
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Not sure what to wear to your portrait session? Here are a few links with helpful Tips.



Headshots: Aviation Specialties | Boise Photographer

This blog post is all about some headshots I took for Aviation Specialties.  Their two founding owners were in need of up to date professional portraits.  They had been notified their company would be being featured in an upcoming article in Vertical Magazine.  The publication was requesting current headshots of both owners… to accompany the article.

Aviation Specialties contacted me, inquiring if I was up to the challenge.  The challenge being two fold.  One, did I feel comfortable photographing each individual inside the helicopter hanger.   Preferably with the helicopters some how incorporated into the images.  Challenge two, neither of the gentleman in need of portraits, wanted to have their photograph taken.  In fact, they were already “grumbling” quite a bit about the idea.   Did I think I could handle a few gentleman not eager to have their portrait taken.  I said heck YES, I was totally up to the challenge!

For those of you who are not aware of what Aviation Specialties does… they specialize in aviation products.  They design and sell a variety of products, including night vision equipment and tactical helmets.  Pilots throughout the world use their products.  They are leaders in their industry and they just happen to call Boise, Idaho home.

The images posted below are just a few of those selected as favorites by “Aviation specialties”.  In fact, you’ll find the tear sheet from the magazine article at the bottom of this post.  It highlights a few of the images taken by Leap Photography.

headshot of helicopter pilotprofessional portrait of helicopter pilotcorporate headshot taken on work siteportrait of pilot in helicoptertearsheet of magazine layout

Headshot Monday: June 12, 2017 | Boise Portrait Studio

It’s back!!  HEADSHOT Monday is returning to the Leap Photography portrait studios on June 12, 2017.

This portrait event only rolls around a few times a year. You won’t want to miss out on your chance to update your business headshot with quality professional portraits at a great price.

In today’s business market, image is everything!  Up to date corporate headshots are a must and HEADSHOT Monday is designed  to help you, the business professional put your best foot forward.  Also…keep in mind that studio headshots have a variety of uses.  In addition to being used on a company website…images can also be used on your LinkedIN, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or even your dating profile.

Session times book quickly…. so give Leap Photography a call today to schedule your portrait session!  208-703-7360



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Corporate Headshots | Boise Portrait Studio

Chad just recently moved to Boise from the Salt Lake City area.  He works in the banking industry and his new employer requires each employee to have a set of up to date corporate headshots for company use.   His employer uses these headshots for press releases, inner office communication, local and national publications and all sales literature distributed to prospective new clientele.  The bank has only one requirement for the submission of business headshots.  All images must be taken in a portrait studio and implement the use of studio lights and backgrounds.

After asking around the office for referrals to studio photographers ….. Chad gave me a call.  I’ve photographed quite a few of his coworkers and know the image submission guidelines of the bank.  We scheduled the session and captured an image which not only fits the banks requirements…. but Chad is very happy with as well.


If you are looking for an updated headshot don’t hesitate to give me a call.  Studio sessions can be photographed all year long.  Rain or shine.

corporate headshot taken in studio

Studio Portraits | Boise Photographer

Jeanette, her mother Cheryl and I all met up at my Boise studio for a portrait session back in early May.  Jeanette contacted me in search of a studio photographer whom had multiple backgrounds to choose from and was willing to spend some time capturing a variety a different looks.  She had a variety of application in which she had a need for updated portraits and she wanted to cover all of her bases in one session.  After a few minutes of discussion and referrals to hair and makeup artists in the valley….Jeanette booked her session.


Jeanette desired a combination of  styles including the traditional corporate headshot, casual business portraits, a portrait to be used for personal use and a photo of her and her mother.  Jeanette’s style is relatively laid back, so I kept the backgrounds simple and the posing classic.  In the end…  Jeanette selected all the images highlighted below as her favorites from the session.


Thanks Jeanette.  It was a pleasure working with you!


Makeup by:  MUAH Salon

family portraits taken in studio

headshot taken in portrait studio, Boise Idaho

corporate headshotstudio portrait





Actor Headshots | Boise Portrait Photographer

David contacted me looking for a photographer to “get a good headshot”.  He was getting ready to submit an application to a well known theater company here in the U.S.  Specifically, David was looking for a photographer who had the  ability to photograph him in studio and on a white backdrop.    He was envisioning clean, simple, modern headshots… emphasizing his facial features.  To mix it up and provide the theater with a few different looks, he opted to take a variety of shots in a few different outfits.


If you live in Boise and you’re an actor, give me (a.k.a. Leap Photography) a call.  I’d love to chat and  collaborate with you on your vision.   –Brenda

actor headshot, boise portrait photographeractor headshot, Boise portrait photographer

actor headshot, Boise portrait photographer

actor headshot, Boise portrait photographer

actor headshot, Boise portrait photographer

actor headshot, boise portrait photographer

Top 3 Reasons Why You Need A Professional Headshot | Boise Portrait Photographers

I know there is quite a bit of controversy about if you should or should not have a professional head shot taken.  My answer is yes…. especially if you own your own business, have a picture of yourself on a company website,  have a LinkedIn profile and especially if you’re a real estate agent.  You’re probably ask why is it so important.   Well….let me list just a few of my reasons.


1)  You need to put your best image forward.

We live in a digital age.  Potential clients and employers get online and research you before ever considering to do business with you.  They are literally forming a first impression of you from the minute they click onto your website or LinkedIn page.  Therefore, you need to show yourself in the best possible light… use a professional headshot.  One taken by a professional photographer.  Do not use a snapshot or a selfie.  If you are currently


2)  A profession portrait conveys a message.  One which states you take yourself and your line of business seriously.

Making a small financial investment in your professional image shows that you take both yourself and your career seriously.  The simple act of using a professional headshot instead of a snapshot of yourself conveys an image of professionalism.  Potential clients and employers will take you more seriously.


3)  Quality portraiture helps you brand yourself

Using a professional image helps people put a face with the name.  They are more likely to remember you and keep you in mind the next time they are looking to hire someone within your profession.


So….have you decided it’s time for you to update your image?  If so, give me a call.  I’d love to help you with your portrait needs.



Boise business headshots

Audiology & Hearing Aid Center | Boise Business Headshot & Portrait Photographer

A few months back I had the privilege of photographing the employees of Boise’s  Audiology & Hearing Aid Center.  The whole office came into the studio so that everyone could be included in the staff group photo.  A few additional employees stuck around and had their individual portrait taken.

As is often the case with business headshots and or company group photos…. the images taken will be used on the company website, social media and the printed literature to be handed out to patients.

If you or your company is in need of an updated look….give me a call.  I would love to discuss your portrait needs.


business headshot in Boisebusiness grooup portrait in Boise

TRESCO | Boise Business Head Shot & Portrait Photographers

This spring I’ve been quite busy updating head shots for business men and women throughout the Treasure Valley.  For some people it’s just that they’ve found a new job and the company needs an updated head shot of them for the website.  In other cases I’ve had entire companies in need of an updated look.

In this particular case I packed up the studio and set up on location to photograph head shots, group shots and architectural photos…. which I will show in another post.  When clients come to me for studio head shots we sit down together and select their favorite image while they are in the studio.  Retouched images are then delivered to the client via email within 48 hours in most cases.

For on location shoots such as this one the proofing process varies.  In this particular case I hand delivered paper proofs to the office about one week after the portrait shoot.  Employees reviewed their proofs, selected their favorite image and forwarded their selections to me via email.  A few days later their retouched digital files were delivered.  Ready for use in updating all their printed and online promotional materials.

So… If your company has 5 or more employees in need of a head shot… you might want to consider giving me a call.  I’ll come to you with all the lights, backdrops and camera gear necessary to make you look like a true professional.


Business Head shots in Boise Idahogroup portrait of employees in Boise, Idaho