Riverside Hotel Wedding | Boise Photographer

Not all Boise couples are looking for large outdoor venues to host their wedding. Some are just looking for an indoor, all inclusive wedding & reception venue. A venue where guest can arrive for the weekend and never leave the hotel. For couples getting married in Boise…. the Riverside Hotel fits this bill perfectly.

The Riverside Hotel

The Riverside Hotel is located right on Boise’s scenic greenbelt… allowing guests quick access to downtown Boise, Esther Simplot Park, White Water Park or Garden City’s Live-Work-Create district.

The hotel itself includes 2 restaurants, Bar 365, The Sapphire Room and an outdoor pool for the kids. It’s conveniently located right off of I-184 and is just a few minutes drive from the downtown Boise core.

wedding portrait

The Wedding

Mai & Zach had a late summer wedding. Neither is super outdoorsy and each thought it would be a good idea to have an indoor wedding to keep guests cool and comfortable.

bridal party group photo

Mai & Zach each selected family members to stand by their sides and be a part of their wedding day. Zach’s two brothers stood by his side while Mai’s cousins acted as her bridesmaids.

bride and her bridesmaids
wedding ceremony candid photo
bride and groom exchanging vows

Vince of Boise Wedding Officiants was the officiant of choice.

bride and groom kissing
wedding officiant with bride and groom
bridal headshot
bridal party group photo
wedding cake details

Bridesmaids dresses, cake details and even Mai’s hair had a pops of blue.

family photo on wedding day
Fun photo of newly married couple
wedding rings and tatoos

If you’d like to view images from other events Leap Photography has photographed at the Riverside Hotel. Click the links below.

Bridal Show: 101 | Boise Wedding Photographer

Are you planning a wedding?  Still searching for a wedding photographer, DJ, caterer or maybe even a venue? Or… maybe you are so recently engaged you haven’t even thought about the details of your wedding day.

No matter what stage of planning you’re in… the first item of business you need to add to your agenda is :

I bet you are asking yourself…. isn’t going to a bridal show a waste of time?  I mean….I have Google.  

Although it may seem as if sitting in front of your computer and using the power of “Google”  is the way to go…. I assure you it is not.  Yes, you can gather a lot of great ideas and pin them to your Pinterest boards… but I assure you,  nothing beats the experience of meeting your potential vendors in person.  Plus, you get to smell , touch and taste all the different products vendors have to offer.  Think about it…..will your web browser let you sample a piece of wedding cake, feel that gorgeous silk linen you’ve had your eye on or touch a feel a wedding album that a photographer such as myself has on display?

antlers as centerpiece in wedding decor

In addition, attending a bridal show is a great way to gather creative ideas and to ask local vendors questions not only about the services they offer, but their opinions on other wedding topics.  Or even a recommendation to another vendor, such as a florist.  Attending a show is a great way to learn from the collective experience of the vendors.  We’ve been to a lot of weddings, seen a lot of DJ’s in action, tasted many cakes, and worked with many different coordinators.  Basically, we’ve seen it all and can give you our opinion on what does…. and what does not work.

wedding ceremony arch

OK, I’m in… when is the next bridal Show?

 Leap Photography will be at two bridal shows in the month of January.  I encourage you to come to at least one of them… if not both.  Some vendors are only in one show, and others you’ll have a second chance to visit.

The Boise Bridal Show

January 4, 2020 — 10 am – 5 pm
January 5, 2020 — 11 am – 4 pm

Location:  Boise Centre on the Grove

green and purple table decor at wedding

What can I expect as a bride?

The largest show here in the Treasure Valley is THE BOISE BRIDAL SHOW.  It’s a 2 day show which gives you the opportunity to go back a second time if you feel like you just couldn’t get through it all in one day.  There will be over 100 vendors in attendance plus a number of  fashion shows will be held throughout the two days.  You will want to budget ample time to collect brochures, talk to vendors, taste samples and watch the runway shows.  Make sure to give yourself enough time to get the information you need plus gather the verbal information you may need.  You don’t want to feel rushed. To see a list of vendors at this years show and to find out fashion show times…… click this link:  THE BOISE BRIDAL SHOW VENDORS

wedding photographers bridal show booth
Leap Photography’s Boise Bridal Show Booth Space.

How Many Bridal Shows are there?

  1. IDAHO WEDDING EXPERIENCE: Although the Boise Wedding Show is the largest show of the year, there are a few other shows throughout the area. The next largest show is the  IDAHO WEDDING EXPERIENCE. This one day show packs a lot of punch into 5 hours.  Although I’ve participated in this show in the past…. Leap Photography will not be in participating in the 2020 show. The show is slightly smaller than the one held in Boise earlier in January.  It will have over 50 vendors in attendance. Like the Boise Bridal Show, the Idaho Wedding Experience also has a number of fashion shows and is a great place to sample food and talk to vendors.  I suggest showing up earlier in the day so you can soak in the experience.
  2. THE CHOSEN WEDDING SHOW: A new show as of 2020 is the “CHOSEN WEDDING SHOW “. Leap Photography will not be participating in the show either. Since 2020 is the inaugural year of this show, like you I’m interested to see how it turns out. If you’ve just started planning your wedding day, it might be worth dropping in and checking out.

OK, I’m going to a bridal show. What should I take with me?

1)  Someone who you value their opinion. Ask your fiance to come along….but don’t fret if he declines.  Guys just don’t get as excited about wedding planning as we do.  I definitely suggest asking your maid of honor to come along with you.  It’s helpful to have a second pair of eyes.  Also if you have family members you would like to invite…do so.

 2)  A large bag to throw collected brochures and business cards into.

3)  A list of items you really need to look into for your wedding Like going to the grocery store……it’s easy to get sidetracked while at the bridal show.  If you’ve already done some wedding planning, you will want to bring a list with you to help keep you on track.

 4)  2-4 sheet of labels which include the following:       

  • -your name       
  • -address       
  • -phone number      
  • -email address       
  • -wedding date  

A number of vendors will be giving away door prizes.  You wouldn’t want to miss your chance to win something and you certainly don’t want to spend too much time writing this info down.

5)  A pen/pencil + a pad of paper. It’s helpful to write down notes about specific things you liked about one vendor or another or products you want to research more…. while you are in a vendors booth.  You will gather a large amount of information while at the show.  The notes you make while in attendance will help you remember specifics about vendors and products after the show.

6)  Your smart phone Take photos of all the cool ideas you find at the show.   You can come back to the images later when you need inspiration.

7)  A comfortable pair of shoes. The show is quite large and you will be doing quite a lot of walking.  Comfy shoes are highly recommended.  

8)  A check book and credit card  If you find a a must-have product or service and you want to book it immediately… you’ll need to have some form of payment with you…..and not everyone takes plastic at the show. A lot of first-rate services such as photographers, florists, and venues book quickly, so you may want to reserve their services with a down payment/deposit at the show. Some vendors also offer “show discounts”  if you book with them while at the bridal show.

Most Important Tip
Now that you have all the information on how to attend a show….  the most important advice I can give you is to have fun!  Planning a wedding can be stressful enough.  Don’t turn the show into a miserable experience.

The bridal show was designed to not only be a great way for you to gather all the information you need under one roof…..but to be fun as well.    So enjoy your day at the bridal show!  Taste the cake samples, the mini quiches over at “XYZ” catering and learn a new line dance with one of the DJ’s.  You’ll be glad you did.

gold charger plate with gold napkin

Wedding: White Barn at Happy Valley| Idaho Photographer

This White Barn at Happy Valley Road wedding was all about rustic ambiance and being surrounded by family and friends.

The Venue

The White Barn is located on the out skirts of Nampa, Idaho is a relatively new wedding venue in the Treasure Valley. It’s attracting brides and grooms with styles ranging from country western to BOHO. Indoor or outdoor events can be accommodated.

Rustic venues like this one have been in high demand the last few years and those of us in the event industry are excited to welcome the White Barn to the wedding community. It has the charm of a rural setting but is only a short distance from a number of hotels and restaurants. A plus for out of town guests wanting to stay close to modern conveniences.

Nampa Idaho wedding venue
wedding gown hanging in barn

The Wedding

Amber & Jarod are Idahoans at heart. They enjoy the outdoors, country music, rustic decor and being surrounded by their favorite people. When they noticed an old barn being renovated around the corner from their house…. they knew right away it would be the location of their upcoming wedding.

getting ready photo at boise barn wedding

They were particularly impressed with the “getting ready” areas. The brides room is not only spacious but has a large mirrored wall, perfect for pre-wedding hair and makeup. The entire brides room contains feminine touches such as the plush purple couch and the clean white walls.

The grooms room on the other hand is very manly. The dark wood of the barn remains, giving this space a cigar store type feel. The groom and his groomsmen can enjoy the liquor cabinet, pool table and card table while waiting for the wedding day to start.

wedding picture of couple in hayloft doors
bridal photo of Boise bride

Wedding Day Details

Amber created all of the floral bouquets herself in addition to constructing the centerpieces. Jarod is a woodworker and his contribution was building the head table and a few other decor items.

wedding photo of Boise groom
wedding bouquet
wedding portrait of couple in front of white barn
wedding party group photo
wedding portrait photography of bride and bridesmaids
groom with his groomsmen on his wedding day
wedding rings and wedding invitation
wedding decor at Idaho barn wedding
wedding ceremony candid photo
wedding photojournalism shot of ring exchange
marriage photo of bride and groom inside barn
signing marriage certificate in Boise
wedding decor at rustic Idaho barn wedding
First Dance wedding photo
wedding portrait in barn
couple kissing on their wedding day

No Business Lodge | McCall Wedding Photographer

If you love the mountains and you’re planning a wedding… you’ll want to check out these photos. This just might be the perfect wedding venue for you!

No Business Lodge

Nestled in the mountainside just outside of McCall Idaho you’ll find the little venue called “No Business Lodge“. The scenery surrounding the property is breathtaking. The lodge itself sits on top of a hill looking down to the river and across to the nearby mountain range. In the evening, guests can enjoy the soothing sounds of chirping crickets, the smell of fresh mountain air and picturesque sunsets.

McCall, Idaho wedding venue
No Business Lodge sign

About the Couple

Katie and Joey have both served in the US Military and met each other while enlisted. Each has been deployed at one time or another. In fact, Joey had just returned from Bahrain a few weeks before their wedding.

Although both are currently stationed back east… they had decided they wanted to have a destination wedding in the mountains of Idaho.

The First Look

With so many breathtaking views, it was hard to decide on the best spot for their first look. In the end I decided on a nice little secluded spot right below the venue. It allowed guests to watch from afar and also allowed the couple some privacy and a look down to the gorgeous scenery.

After their first look we started walking around the venue, capturing shots around the property. This venue has so many pretty nooks and crannies for photos!

destination wedding photo in McCall Mountains
wedding photo of a bride and her bridesmaids
professional photography of bride and groom
bridal party at a McCall, Idaho wedding
bridal bouquet with white roses and white peony
marriage photograph of couple on wedding day

I love how Katie and Joey kept the decor and their wedding colors simple. It allowed the scenery to take center stage.

wedding ceremony candid photo
first dance during wedding reception

Congratulations you two! It was a gorgeous wedding and I know your guests had a wonderful evening. One they’ll be talking about for years to come.

Minnie: The Kitten | Boise Pet Photographer

Well… my husband and I did it again. We got a new kitten! After much disagreement on potential names we settled on Minnie for her “official” name. Although she’s also been referred to as Peanut, Hot Dog and Frog Legs.

Minnie’s Older “Sister”, Jade

Not long after we had brought home Jade, (our 2.5 year old Tonkinese) our beloved kitty Kali became ill. Kali had been with us for about 12 years. One day Kali was obviously feeling very unwell. I took her to the emergency vet. We quickly discovered she had a large abdominal mass/cancer. It tore our hearts apart… but we had to have her put down. It was the most humane thing to do.

It’s been almost two years since that day, and we’ve been a one cat household ever since. Although Kali and Jade really didn’t get along… fairly quickly after Kali’s death we noticed Jade was exhibiting behaviors of boredom. She was getting into everything. We have many stories about the chaos she created within the house when we were away, but paperclips in particular were/still are her favorite toy.

Her passion and dedication for playing with paper clips had become a problem. She was digging through stacks of paper work, pulling binders off of bookshelves…. searching for paper clips anywhere she thought she might find them. I’d often come home to a home office which looked like a tornado had struck the room. (OH YEAH… she figured out how to wiggle the door open… 100 year old house… go figure). In turn the paper clips were all stacked in the bedroom on the bed or sometimes in her food bowl and my neatly organized office was an absolute disaster zone.

The Search For A New Playmate

So… we started to casually look for a feline friend. A younger “sibling” to divert her attention. We knew we wanted another Siamese and the search would take awhile.

Siamese kittens are highly sought after. Most people want one just for their colorful markings. My husband and I on the other hand are in love with the personalities of the breed. The first thing you learn when you introduce a Siamese into the house is that they are talkative. They have a tendency to talk to you about everything… any time of day. In our experience they have also been very affectionate, people loving critters. Siamese have no problems giving you a piece of their mind if need be, even if it is 2 am. They want you to know what’s on their mind. Plus, they’re incredibly smart. (Jade… paperclips, bookshelves… need I say more).


2 months ago my husband and I just happened to both be looking for kittens on the same day. A post came across the Happy Jacks Cat’s Facebook feed of Minnie. I set up an appointment to visit with Minnie that same evening and by 9 pm we had a new kitty in the house.

siamese kitten sitting

She was only about 3 months old when we brought her home. A mere 2 pounds. We’ve now had her almost 2 months and because we had taken photos of Jade when she was about 4/5 months old… we thought it only fair to do the same for Minnie.

This past weekend, I set up the studio in the house and captured Minnie’s first portrait. So… let me officially introduce you to the new addition in our household. Minnie.

siamese kitten standing looking left
siamese kitten sitting looking at the camera

Prom Photos: Katya | Boise Photographer

Although I’m a little late doing so… I just had to share these prom photos!

You may remember Katya from one of my posts earlier this year. During that photo session Katya and I had talked about her senior prom… which at the time was right around the corner.

The Planning Process

In the weeks leading up to prom night we had discussions about what type of photos Katya would like to have taken on prom night. She was leaning toward an urban style photo session while her Mother was leaning toward a more traditional setting. Maybe a location with trees in the background… not all graffiti and downtown scenery.

After reviewing a number of location options, we all decided Katya’s entire photo session should be photographed in downtown Boise. Specifically in the area of 6th and Main and the Basque block. As many Boise residents are already aware… this particular area of town is a mix of “old Boise” and “new Boise”. Trees, old historic buildings and modern buildings and landscaping are all found within a few blocks of each other. The three of us agreed, this would be the perfect location

Prom Photo at CW Moore Park
couples photo boise prom

Prom Night

On the evening of senior prom I met up with Katya, her boyfriend and her Mother. We met near the historic Belgravia building. We started the evening with photos in and around CW Moore Park.

After finishing up with photos at our first location, we took a quick walk over to the Basque block. Along the way I captured some fun shots of this couple in and around historic Boise buildings. I also snapped quite a few photos of Katya by herself… seeing as it was her high school’s prom.

senior prom pictures
prom photo in boise

Looking For Prom Pictures?

If you’re looking for a Boise photographer to take your prom photos… consider Leap Photography. I’m more than just a corporate headshot and wedding photographer. I photograph events too! Proms, family reunions and corporate events are just a few of the types of events you can find me photographing. Contact Leap Photography today to learn more


Elopement Photos | Boise Photographer

Wedding days are always filled with such joy, but I find this especially true when photographing an elopement. In most cases, the number of people in attendance is very few and the couple is just so excited about their special day.

Alaska to Boise

This couple flew into Boise from Alaska just to exchange their wedding vows in front of a very select group of family and friends. Including the couple, there were only 11 people in attendance… myself included.

They met in Alaska, but neither had family there. Plus… they wanted to go someplace a bit warmer. So, they opted for Boise. A place where some family members now live.

elopement photo in front of Idaho State Capitol
newly eloped couple looking into each others eyes

The Nuptials

Vows were exchanged in Marianne Williams Park in east Boise. It was a sunny but windy day. The groom’s father officiated the ceremony while family and friends witnessed the event.

The vows were short and sweet, but not lacking in heartfelt statements of devotion.

elopement ceremony photo of couple

After The Ceremony

Immediately following the elopement ceremony the couple and I started with a stroll through the park to capture images. We then moved onto downtown Boise, taking photos in both the Julia Davis Rose Garden and the Idaho State Capitol area.

elopement portrait of newly married couple
candid elopement portrait inside park
rose garden boise wedding picture
just eloped couple outside of Idaho State Capitol

Congratulations Jessica & Jonathan!

Capital City Event Center | Boise Wedding Photographer

Today I’m featuring one of the many recent weddings I’ve photographed. All the bridal photos from this wedding were taken in downtown Boise.

The Wedding Day

Courtney and Joe tied the knot on a gorgeous fall day. The colors selected for their bridal party and floral bouquets complimented the beautiful October day. Since this couple was exchanging nuptials and celebrating at The Capital Event Center, all of the photos were captured in downtown Boise.

The bride is an architect and has a great love for historic architecture. With this in mind, I tried to incorporate as many of downtown Boise’s sights into the background of photos. We even got lucky enough to jump on a cycle pub for a quick photo of the entire bridal party.

More recent additions to downtown Boise such as Freak Alley Gallery were also incorporated into the photo shoot. Plus we used the outside of historic buildings such as the Idaho State Capitol and the old downtown post office. These older, more traditional buildings helped add a few more classic wedding pictures to the mix.

The Venue

The wedding ceremony and reception were both held inside the historic Adelmann Building. This was an especially fitting venue taking into account the bride’s love of architecture.

The Adelmann houses Capital City Event Center. Originally built in 1902, this building has been remodeled in recent years. The hardwood floors have been beautifully restored and the wallpaper updated to highlight the buildings historic roots. Red velvet drapes, dripping with opulence have been hung. Looking up towards the ceilings, you’ll see gorgeous chandeliers and restored crown moldings. This wedding venue even has a fireplace. It’s tucked away in a side room, making it perfect for a cozy seating area for guests. This venue truly takes you back in time.

This wedding was beautiful! Guests were surrounded by historical beauty and the love this couple has for each other.

Congratulations Courtney & Joe! I wish you many years of wedded bliss.

bridal portrait at capital city event center
Boise Bride
wedding photo in freak alley boise
capital city event center wedding ceremony
photo of bridal party in freak alley
bride and groom in boise
bride and bridesmaids
groom with his groomsmen
bride and bridesmaids in downtown boise
bridal party in freak alley boise
marriage portrait of Boise couple
bride and groom kissing at Boise wedding

Want to see more photos taken at Capital City Event Center? Click the links below.

Tiffany & Richard’s wedding

Quinceañera Photos

Catherine & Neils Wedding

5 Reasons To Choose A Professional Wedding Photographer | Boise Photographer

Choosing a wedding photographer can be a stressful endeavor…especially if you know nothing about photography. Speaking from personal experience, I know all the choices which need to be made for a wedding can be overwhelming and you can have a tendency to doubt yourself on every turn. So in regards to wedding photography, where do you start? My #1 suggestion is to choose a professional photographer. One who has photographed a number of weddings and is familiar with the ins and outs of a wedding day. You will definitely want to review portfolios from at least 2 or 3 photographers before coming to a final decision on who you trust to document your special day.  A seasoned professional will be able to show you at least one, if not more wedding albums from one entire wedding day.  If the photographer can only show you one or two images from a wedding… this is usually a sign the photographer has little, to no experience photographing weddings.

This is your big day and you want to remember it forever.  You don’t want to cringe every time you look at your photos.  You will pull out your wedding photos in the future to reminisce about your big day.  These wedding photos will also be passed down to future generations and one day become family heirlooms.  Don’t leave this important day to a friend or an amateur.  Make the investment, hire a professional wedding photographer.

5 Reasons to choose a
professional photographer

(even if it isn’t Leap Photography)

1) Qualifications: A professional photographer has an artistic and technical knowledge of photography. A friend or family member may be able to photograph a pretty landscape, but can they handle the technical lighting difficulties which arise during the course of a wedding? Professionals not only have an understanding of light, but the ability to create unique lighting to enhance the bride and groom.

2) Experience:  Professionals are experienced in all the events of a wedding, including problems that can and do arise during the course of the day.  They know how to guide and direct large group formals with tact and professionalism while dealing with the general chaos of  a wedding day. All the while, still capturing your future family heirlooms.

3) Equipment:  A working professional brings an arsenal of equipment with them to capture every aspect of the wedding day. A seasoned pro won’t leave home without a full set of back up cameras and supplemental lighting choices.

4) Creativity:  Because pros come with years of experience and hundreds of weddings under their belt, you can rest assured to receive a variety of great shots to choose from. You will receive more than just one or two nice shots from the entire day. Professionals are visual story tellers. All events and details of the day will be captured for you to relive for years to come.

5) Photo Editing:  Great photo editing is essential. Pros go beyond just taking the pictures and handing you a disc. The computer is the new darkroom for photographers and all working pros have top of the line software to edit and manipulate your images. Pros edit out blinks or poor expressions as well as complete enhancements on photos. This is all done before you ever see and fall in love with your images.

Yes, a professional may be more expensive; but is your once in a lifetime moment worth the risk of poor quality images?
Bride and Groom Wedding Photography
Bride and Groom Wedding Photography
Wedding Photography of bride and groom

To view more Leap Photography images you can go to our website:  http://www.leapphotography.com

We Have Big NEWS! | Boise Photographer

The Big News!

As some of you may have already figured out by watching my social media… the Leap Photography photo studio has moved.  Many of you have asked why?  Well… let me get right down to that.

Why I moved The Studio

Leap Photography has been located in West Downtown Boise for the past 4 years.  I loved my location and my space within the building I was in.  So much so that I had no intentions of moving.  However, I had been leasing my studio space and when you lease, nothing is ever guaranteed.

The building my studio was located in had been on the market for quite some time.  Potential buyers had been through… but no one seemed interested in purchasing.  However, I knew having to move was a possibility.  I loved the space so much I decided to wait it out and see what might happen when a new owner did take over.  Doing so kept me in the building for about a 1.5 years after it initially went on the market.

A little over a month ago, on November 1st,  new owners took over the building.  These new owners just happen to be a church.  They purchased the building with the intentions of renovating the entire space and turning it into their meeting space…. hence my having to move out.  All the renters in the building were given until January 1st to move out, but I got lucky enough to find a new home quite quickly.

Leap Photography’s New Studio Location

As of December 8th, 2018 Leap Photography’s new home is in the historic Alaska Center in downtown BoiseOur new address is 1020 W Main St #200.

Although all of my stuff is in the new space, I’m not yet meeting people there.  Moving a photo studio is quite an ordeal.  Prints needed to be packaged and transported with care and I discovered backgrounds and props I had forgotten about.  In addition, I was continuing to photograph events, weddings and on location headshots during the move.  My plate has been a bit full to say the least.

 Now that I have moved all of the studio belongings, I need to get reorganized, hang prints on the wall and get the space presentable for the public.  As of today, the space is a mess and not ready for the eyes of anyone but myself or my husband!

Because the space is not yet organized, I don’t have photos of the interior to show.  However I can show you images of the outside of the building.  I will show photos of the interior as soon as I’m set up and fully moved in.

In the meantime I thank all my clients who have been so patient with me through this move and look forward to my time in this new space.

Exterior of Alaska Center in downtown Boise
Street view of the side of the Alaska Building in downtown Boise, ID
back side of the Alaska Center Building in downtown Boise