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A baby photo album is an item almost anyone reading this post will have a distinct memory of. Most likely, those memories include a much younger you, holding your own baby photo album full of photos your parents took. If you’re lucky, your baby album might include a few professional studio shots as well.

A Custom Designed Baby Album?

We all know times have changed, but this is especially true in the world of photography. Not long ago it was unheard of to have your photographer make a custom album of just any photo shoot you hired them for. Except for a wedding album, that has been standard procedure for many years. On the other hand, all other photo shoots were reserved to large prints on the wall.

Why? It was much harder to design and create photo albums before the introduction of digital photography. Shooting on film really limited the type of albums photographers could produce to our clients. We didn’t have design software such as Photoshop. Plus, in the days of film, photographers only had one type of album we could could make. It was the same matted album we provided to our wedding clients. The configurations of the matts were very restrictive plus the albums were only available in 3 different colors… black, brown and white.

baby photo album

The Times Are Changing!

Digital Cameras have opened up a whole new world of photography products available to all of us. The album industry is one in which those of us who have been professional photographers for years have witnessed extreme changes in. Gone are the days of taping prints behind matts and creating a book.

The albums I now offer clients are completely custom. My clients get to choose the cover material and color, text imprinting or no imprinting…. and so much more. The interior pages of the album are now designed in the computer, allowing endless possibilities for page layouts. The largest advantage of the new lay flat albums is there are no more photo matts! I can create a collage of images or even add page textures to the page layouts. I am no longer restricted to the type of matts offered by the album company. The new lay flat books are truly as unique as my client.

photo album with linen cover

OH Baby!

I recently delivered a custom designed, baby photo album to a few of my clients. The parents had brought their little one in for her first professional photo session.

This little girl’s parents were absolutely delighted with her arrival. They had been trying for quite some time to start a family and they were over the moon with joy! Honestly…. what better way celebrate her arrival than to have an album made? The book is filled photos capturing a very specific time in Bradley’s young life. Babies grow up so quickly! These images will help the family remember exactly what she was like in these younger days.

baby album page design

As you can see… their album is filled with unique photos . Photos telling a story about little Miss Bradley. I know, this album will be picked up, viewed and memories will be relived for years to come.

lay flat photo album
newborn photo album layout

I can create custom albums from your family portraits, high school senior or headshot session as well. If you’d like to learn more don’t hesitate to ask for details. I’d love to show you all your options and discover the best option for you.

Canvas Wrap Prints | Boise Photographer

A while back I went on Facebook Live and talked about canvas wrap prints.  They are just one of the many great print options Leap Photography has available for our wedding, family and portrait photography clients.  Today, I’m sharing the video…. here on the blog… so those of you who don’t follow me on Facebook can learn about this type of print as well.

If you don’t know what a canvas wrap print is… you’ll want to watch this video.  I show you what they look like and explain how they are made.

If you ever want to see one in person, I have many examples in my studio.   We love visitors… so drop by and see one for yourself.

Black Canyon Graduation | Boise High School Senior Photographers

The past few years I’ve had the privilege of photographing Black Canyon High School’s graduating class.  All graduating seniors are photographed on the night of graduation in their caps and gown.  These images are then used to design their senior composite… which will hang on the school wall for years to come.


If your school, organization or maybe business office needs something similar… give us a call.  We can sit down and talk about your options.

High School Senior composite

Photo Puzzles | Boise Portrait Photographers

Are you looking for a cool new way to display your photos……..that won’t break the bank?  If so……check this out!  A Photo puzzle.  I’ve seen them before but stumbled upon this killer deal today while browsing through Groupon.  For 6 more days you can purchase your own unique puzzle for as low as $4.99.       If I’ve caught your attention…..just click this link to find out more:   


Hal Davis Jewlers | Boise Fashion Photographers |HERLIFE Magazine

Are you one of those last minutes shoppers who always waits until the last moment to start looking for gifts?  If so, look no farther than Hal Davis Jewelers.  They have gifts for both the ladies and the gentlemen in your life.
Hal Davis Jewlers
921 W. Jefferson St.
Boise, ID  83702
diamond necklace and rolex watch
rolex watches and various other jewlery
ruby necklace and rings
rolex watch, rings, diamonds, jewels, broaches
dripping in diamonds

Wedding Products | Idaho Photographer

It’s that time of year again.  It’s what we in the wedding industry commonly refer to as the start of wedding season. Newly engaged couples are starting to make decisions and hire vendors for their big day.  Venues, florists, caterers, and photographers such as myself are all on the list of vendor’s couples are meeting with.  One of the first questions all couples ask is what kind of wedding products or services each vendor provides.

With this in mind, I thought it might be helpful if I have posted examples of a few of the items available in the Leap Photography wedding packages.  Here at Leap Photography, I do more than just take beautiful photos.  I offer a variety of photo products too! Wedding albums are just the tip of the iceberg.

The product selection is always changing, so give me a call to set up a meeting and find out what the newest products are.


5“x5” Leather Bound Album

wedding album purple leather
wedding album with mats
wedding album with silver binding
wedding album with mat

8x 8″ and 10″ x 10″
Custom Wedding Album’s

wedding album cover
wedding album layout
lay flat wedding album
wedding album binding

Digital Files

flash drive packaging

flash drive packaging for photographer

Proof Magazines


Wedding Album | Boise Wedding Photographer

One of the many joys of being a wedding photographer is delivering a completed custom wedding album to my clients.  There is nothing which tugs at my heartstrings more than handing off a custom designed product which I know will one day become a treasured family heirloom.  Today I had the pleasure to do just that.  I delivered a gorgeous custom wedding album to one of my couples who were married this past spring,   Catherine and Neil.   

Heirloom Quality Wedding Albums

This album is an example of the album style included in the “Tradition Wedding” collections.  All of Leap Photography’s wedding album designs are one of a kind creations.  You select the images you would like to have included in your album.  I create a design for the interior pages.  Once the interior page layout is ready to send off to print, you get to select the cover color and material.  There are roughly 30 different swatches to choose from in a variety of colors, textures, and materials.  You will have your choice between many leather, silk and linen swatches.  Catherine and Neil chose this red shantung silk book to complement their wedding colors.  It just happens to be one of my favorite swatches!

Don’t Just purchase digital files!

I’m a firm believer in printing your photos, especially if you felt the occasion was special enough to hire a professional photographer.  Think of the digital files as negatives only!  Print your negatives and preserve the memories in print!

Red Wedding Album
wedding album layout
closeup of wedding album pages
Inside the album
opening page spread of wedding album
boise wedding album spread
interior wedding album pages
wedding album layout
bridal party pages in wedding album
Family photo spread in wedding album
wedding album ceremony page
Bride and groom wedding album page
page layout of wedding reception
Final Page in wedding album

Now Introducing…. Senior Storyboards {Boise, senior photographer}

I’m so exited to announce a new product which is now available for high school seniors.  “Storyboards” are now here!
Storyboards are an excellent way to group some of your favorite images into one collage. You choose a few of your favorites, forward your selections and I’ll work up a one of a kind collage.
These one of a kind collages include photos, graphics, and text.   Each “Storyboard” created is designed to reflect the unique personality, and interests of you, the senior.  These collages are delivered to you ready to frame, in a convenient 10″x20″ wall print size.
Call now, to find out more about Leap Photography and to book your senior session.

Guest Book Books / Boise engagement photographer

Every one of has been to a wedding at least once, and as you know there is always a guest book to sign.  Usually the book is white or beige and has white lined pages for the guests to sign.  Well……….  Leap Photography has something a little more interesting.  Completely custom photo guest books.
The guestbook options are nearly endless.  Covers are available in fabrics, leathers and seude plus a variety of colors and textures can be purchased to complement your personalities or your wedding day colors.
Here is an example of a guest book a few of my clients used just last week at their wedding.  These books are just so much more fun than the traditional ones you can buy at any bridal store in the United States.  Not only will you have an album of your engagement photos to pass down to future generations,  you’ll have a personalized keepsake to enjoy for years to come.
Many different cover colors and cover materials are available.

Books have the ability to hold up to 5 pages of photographs.
Pages are constructed of thick archival art board.  You don’t have to worry about the pages ripping, tearing or folding.

Signature pages are available in black (shown below) or white.

8″ x 8″ Wedding Album | Boise Photographer

I finally decided it was time to upgrade my display materials and retire a few of the old beat up wedding albums I’ve had on hand for studio examples.  I was quite a bit overdue on doing so.  In fact, I believe it has been 2 or 3 years since I’ve ordered new display albums.

Wedding Albums By Renaissance Albums

After reviewing dozens of potential album companies, I decided to order the sexy red album shown below.  This one has a red silk shantung cover and it’s made by Renaissance Albums out of New York state.  This particular book style is included in all of the “Traditional Wedding” packages booked with Leap Photography.  This album style can also be purchased separately and used to make an album from your senior portrait session, family photo session or even your newborn’s photo session.

Each album is custom designed just for you.  You select your favorite images and Leap Photography designs the interior album pages.  A variety of cover materials including silk, linen, leather are available to select from.  Also, numerous colors and custom options such as imprinting are available for you to select from.  Plus, you’re guaranteed to have a one of a kind keepsake your children and grandchildren will enjoy for years to come.

What are you waiting for?  Call Leap Photography today to find out how you can preserve your precious memories in a one of a kind keepsake album.
wedding album coverI just want to touch the soft silk.  It’s so dreamy!
wedding album layout page one
wedding album binding, red silk
lay flat wedding albumlay flat pages
wedding album page spreadendless design layouts are possible with these books