Senior Portraits: Katya | Boise Photographer

Katya and her mother met up with me a little over a month ago to capture her senior portraits. At the time, Katya was just a few months away from graduation. She was in need of photos to not only commemorate the event… but to use in graduation announcements.

Senior Portrait location

Katya mother was the one who initially reached out. At first, the duo was not sure about what type of photo session they would like, studio or on-location. After some discussion, I discovered they really wanted photos with a relaxed natural look. With this in mind, I offered up some suggestions for potential photo shoot locations. After reviewing their options, it was decided Kathryn Albertson Park would be the best fit for Katya’s senior portrait session.

The Photo Shoot

The three of us met on a weeknight after school. I had never met either of these ladies before. So, while we strolled through the park capturing photos, we chatted and got to know each other a bit better. This helped make the experience for Katya as relaxed and fun as possible.

Although many high school seniors look forward to their senior pictures, they are often nervous on the day of the photo shoot. They have a lot of concerns about how to pose, what expression looks best and of course, what to wear. Many of them are also aware that their senior portraits are the photos which will remain on their parent’s walls for years to come. With this in mind, I try to make all of my photo sessions as laid back and relaxed as possible.

On any given day of the year, the areas of Kathryn Albertson Park which are usable for photos varies. Boise had been experiencing quite a bit of rain around the time of Katya’s senior portrait session. Although this made the grass a luscious green color, the ground was soaking wet! This made walking through some areas of the park a challenge. Katya and her mother were troopers! Although we were walking around and jumping over sections of mud… we all managed to leave the park relatively mud free.

Leap Photography… your senior portraits specialist!

Below are just a few of  Katya’s favorite images from her session.

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High School Senior female, wearing a beige dreess, standing in a green forrest area
Female High School Senior leaning up against a rock
senior picture of a high school graduate squatting in an open field
high school graduate standing in front of a large log inside Kathryn Albertson Park
senior picture of a female high school graduate.  Photo taken inside Kathryn Albertson Park in Boise

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Senior Portraits: Dalton | Boise Senior Photography

Dalton, his mother and I met up earlier this summer to capture senior portraits of Dalton. At the time, he was just about ready to graduate from high school.

They had decided that they did want professional senior pictures…..but didn’t want to have images taken in the photo studio.  They would prefer to have Dalton’s portrait taken outside and wanted a location which had a more natural look.  So… I suggested Kathryn Albertson Park, right in the heart of downtown Boise.

Below are just a few of  their favorite images from the session.

If you, or someone you know has a 2018 graduate…don’t forget…Leap Photography is more than just a corporate headshot and wedding photographer….. we photograph high school seniors too!

Senior Portrait in Nature ParkSenior Portrait of High School Male

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Senior Portraits: Taylor | Boise Portrait Photographers

Can you believe it… school is back in full swing and this means all across the United States there is a new crop of high school seniors.  In addition to applying for colleges, financial aid and scholarship packages….these young adults are also looking forward to having their senior portraits taken.  Most schools in this area require students to submit a photo taken by a professional photographer, on a specific color background and the student must wear either a tux or a drape depending on the student’s gender.

Finding a photographer who can take the school required graduation photos in addition to the type of senior pictures the student REALLY wants can sometimes be a challenge.  Few photographers in the area have a photo studio… and who really wants to rely on the images they’ll have to choose from on school photo day?  Seniors are looking for a personalized, truly unique experience with their senior portrait photographer.  They don’t want to feel like just one of the many people walking through the school photo camera line.

Here at Leap Photography, I offer a truly individualized portrait experience.  I don’t photograph hundreds of people a day. I take the time to get to know my seniors and I walk them and their parents through the entire senior portrait process.  The experience begins with the phone call, continues through the portraits session, a one on one image/proof reveal session, custom product designs proofs and of course the pick up of your purchased items.

I like to get to know each senior before the portrait session if possible.  I try to find out a little bit about his/her personality so we can select a portrait location which is true to that particular seniors  personality.  If a person hates the outdoors…that last thing I’d suggest is a portrait session in the woods.  I also talk to all my clients about clothing, hair and makeup selections.  Giving suggestions on what colors photograph best and tips on makeup application for portraits, just helps each individual look and feel their best in portraits.

So…with all that said….here is a look at a selection of my client Taylor’s, favorite images from her photo session.  This gorgeous gal fit the description I listed above to a T.  She needed the traditional photo for her yearbook, but she did not want that photo to remember her senior year by.  She’s not a tradition gal at all.  She was looking for an urban photographer.  Someone to take her around downtown Boise and capture her in an environment which felt comfortable and true to herself.

Thanks again Taylor and Carolyn (mom) for choosing Leap Photography.  I had a great time getting to know the two of you and wish you both the best of luck on your new endeavors.

senior portrait in BoiseSenior drape photosenior pictures in freak alley Boiseprofessional portrait of high school seniorsenior picture of capitol high studenturban senior pictureurban senior photography




Senior Portraits | Boise High School Senior Portrait Photographer

Do you live in Boise, Eagle, Meridian or anywhere in the surrounding Treasure Valley area?  Are you or a loved one a member of the Class of 2017?  If you said answered yes to either of these is the time to schedule your senior portrait session.  Don't settle for Leap Photography to schedule your senior portrait session.

Boise High School Senior Photographer

Senior Portraits: Matthew | Boise Portrait Photographers

Finally it’s spring, the time so many of us have longed for all winter long.  Along with the fresh green leaves and spring flowers comes the season of graduation ceremonies across the United States.   Matthew is just one of the hundreds who will be graduating from Boise’s, Bishop Kelly High School later this month.

Matthew and I met late last summer to capture photographs to mark his achievement.  He opted to have a combination of photographs taken in studio and outdoors.  Although we took many more photos….these are just of few of his favorites.

If you or are a loved one are currently a junior….give Leap Photography a call.  I’d love to fit you into my summer schedule and capture memories to last a lifetime.

High School Senior Portrait in Boisetux photo for Bishop Kelly yearbook

Boise High School Senior PhotographyBoise Senior Portrait PhotographerBoise Senior Portrait PhotographerBoise Idaho Senior Portrait photographers



Taylor: Centennial High School |Boise, Idaho Senior Photographer

This gal was just one of the 2016 high school graduates who came to Leap Photography for their senior portraits this past year.

As you may have noticed…I’m a bit behind in posting shoots here on the blog.  I assure you it’s not because of a lack of images.  I’ve just been busy and have not done a good job of keeping on top of the photo reveals.  So, have no fear…many more images will be debuting here, on the blog, in the coming days/weeks.  I have a number of different images to reveal from sessions, events and weddings I have photographed.  For now, here is a glimpse into Taylor’s downtown Boise senior session.

Senior portraits, Boise, Idaho

Black Canyon Graduation | Boise High School Senior Photographers

The past few years I’ve had the privilege of photographing Black Canyon High School’s graduating class.  All graduating seniors are photographed on the night of graduation in their caps and gown.  These images are then used to design their senior composite… which will hang on the school wall for years to come.


If your school, organization or maybe business office needs something similar… give us a call.  We can sit down and talk about your options.

High School Senior composite

Senior Portraits| Boise portrait photographers

Are you a high school junior?  Are you getting  excited about your upcoming senior year?  If so, you don’t want to forget to plan for one of the largest milestones of your final year of high school.  Your senior portraits.

Summer is right around the corner and it’s not to early to book your senior portrait session.  Leap Photography offers, studio and outdoor sessions.  So whether you’re looking for a formal photo for your yearbook or you’d like to have a session that shows a bit more of your personality…we can help you with both.

  Don’t forget…Your senior photos are just one of the way’s you leave your mark. Don’t select and ordinary photographer.  Choose Leap Photography!

Give us a call to see what session is right for you.

senior portrait photographers, high school

Senior Portrait Photographers |Sky S.

Sky and I met up last fall to capture his senior portraits.  We spent a couple of hours walking around downtown Boise just chatting about his future plans and stopping from time to time to take photos
After Sky’s graduation from Meridian High this spring, he’s looking to go to college to learn more about graphic design and web design.  I wish you the best of luck on all of your future endeavors!
High School Senior portrait in downtown Boise
high school senior portrait in downtown Boise
high school senior portrait in downtown Boise
high school senior portrait in freak alley
high school senior portrait in downtown Boise
high school senior portrait in front of Bleu Bird Cafe