FAMILY PORTRAIT SPECIALS: November 2019 | Boise Photographer

Just in time for the Holidays Leap Photography is announcing a portrait special designed just for families. If you’ve been putting off scheduling your family portrait … now is the time to schedule your photo session. For only $90 you’ll receive the following.


  • A 45 minute photo session in our downtown Boise photo studio
  • One FREE matted 5×7 print (Artists choice image)
  • private appointment to view your images and select your favorites (1 week following portrait session)


  • 8 people or less only
  • can not be combined with any other specials/promotions

****It is important to note that most people make selections and order additional imagery – however you have no obligation to invest beyond your initial investment.**


Ready to book your family portrait session? There are two ways to do so.

Anniversary Portraits | Boise Photo Studio

This past fall I had the pleasure of photographing two lovely couples who had hit major milestones in their marriages. One couple was getting ready to celebrate their 50th Anniversary and the other their 60th Anniversary. If you ask me… Anniversary Portraits were most definitely in order!

Each couple reached out to me, inquiring if I even took anniversary photos. Both couples were looking for traditional studio portraits and were hoping I could photograph them as a couple.

studio portrait of married couple on their 50th Anniversary

As you can see… YES, I photograph couples in the photo studio. In fact, I enjoy it! Each of these couples were just so kind. Plus, it was so much such fun listening to them tell their stories on how they met. The giggles and looks between each couple about memories shared filled my heart with such joy. Each couple is an example of how working on problems together and talking them through are the key to a successful marriage.

professional photo taken in photo studio of couple on their 60th anniversary

Congratulations go out to each of these couples! Also, a huge THANK YOU for choosing Leap Photography to document this special milestone.

50th Anniversary photo of couple taken in Boise, ID photo studio

If you’d like to inquire about studio portraits you can reach us at: 208-703-7360 or click the link below.

The Reynolds Family: Studio Portraits | Boise Family Portrait Photographer

I think it’s safe to say that all of us at one point in our life have been an active participant in a family portrait session.  I for one know from first hand experience that gathering the troops for a portrait session…. especially the men… can be a daunting challenge.  Sorry guys….but I for one think I’ve heard every excuse in the book from my own father, brother, husband and brothers in law trying to get out of portraits.  Therefore I sympathize with everyone who just wants to capture an up to date family photo.

In the last 10-15 years I’ve seen the outdoor family portrait become the norm.  And with that trend I’ve also heard many complaints from all age groups and genders about being to hot, cold, or generally uncomfortable during the outdoor portrait session.

So many people assume having your family photographed in the outdoors is the only way to go.  This simply is not true.  Outdoor photo sessions are not for everyone,  plus…logistically they don’t always work.   If your family is gathering in the dead of winter, or maybe they’re just not outdoorsy folks, consider a studio photo.  Leap Photography does offer studio portraits to our clients any time of year… rain, snow or shine.

Yes, family portraits  taken in a the photo studio do lend to a more traditional look on average, but this is not always the case.  The clothing you choose along with your preferred background style can change the look and feel of your portraits.  So….if you’re aiming for a more casual family portrait just let me know this in advance and we can talk about different background colors such as plain white, or gray…. and we can talk about your thoughts on clothing choices.

Below are a few of the Reynolds Family favorite images from their studio portrait session.  As you can see…. the images are not overly formal.  Casual clothing helped give this family a new photo, with a relaxed look to add to the family album.

Thanks Reynolds family for trusting Leap Photography to capture this moment in your families story.

Family PortraitStudio Portrait of brothersprofessional family photo

Family Portraits: Rising Family | Boise Family Portrait Studio

HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE!  I hope you are spending your day surrounded by family and the ones you love.  With that in mind… I thought today would be a good day to share the Rising family portraits.

How I met the Rising family

I’ve known Dawn, the momma of this family, for a number of years now.  I believe we initially met at the Wedding Party Show. It’s a bridal show for engaged couples looking for wedding resources such as Dj’s, catering and photogrphy.  Over the years, the two of us kept running into each other at wedding industry events and weddings. A friendship was formed.  So much so that we even kept in contact when the Rising family moved to Japan for a year and a half.

family portrait at scentsy commoms

When the family moved back to Idaho, Dawn decided to signup for something she’d been thinking about for some time.   The Mrs. Idaho competition.  Her girls were now older and she had the time needed to commit to the challenge. She jumped into the competition and didn’t look back.  It was her way of volunteering time to the community and meeting new like minded friends.

professional picture of married couple
portrait of woman in pink dress

Family Portraits

During her year as a Mrs. Idaho contestant, Dawn came to me on two occasions to update portraits. The first time was last spring.  She came into the portrait studio to have her headshot updated (will be debuted in a later blog post).  The second time was this past summer.  She and the family met me at Scentsy Commons to have their family portrait updated.  This blog post features a few of the Rising family’s favorite photos from their portrait session.

family photo of mother and 2 daughtersheadshot of Mrs. Idaho contestanttwo sisters standing in tall grassprofessional headshot of Mrs. Idaho Contestantoutdoor family picture

Thank You Rising Family for choosing Leap Photography as your family photographer!

Family Portraits: The Miller’s | Boise Family Photographer

The Miller family and I met last fall… right before Thanksgiving.  Everyone was in town at the same time…and Nora (grandma) thought it would be the perfect time to update their family portraits.  So, the whole crew and I met in a local park and I proceeded to take a number of images.  The goal was to help them update the family photo wall.  Here are just a few of their favorites.

If your family is in need of an updated portrait and you’re in the market for a new family photographer… give Leap Photography a call. I’d love to help you create memories to last a lifetime.

Extended Family PortraitFamily PortraitFamily Portrait taken in the fallprofessional photo of couplemother and her sons


Studio Portraits | Boise Photographer

Jeanette, her mother Cheryl and I all met up at my Boise studio for a portrait session back in early May.  Jeanette contacted me in search of a studio photographer whom had multiple backgrounds to choose from and was willing to spend some time capturing a variety a different looks.  She had a variety of application in which she had a need for updated portraits and she wanted to cover all of her bases in one session.  After a few minutes of discussion and referrals to hair and makeup artists in the valley….Jeanette booked her session.


Jeanette desired a combination of  styles including the traditional corporate headshot, casual business portraits, a portrait to be used for personal use and a photo of her and her mother.  Jeanette’s style is relatively laid back, so I kept the backgrounds simple and the posing classic.  In the end…  Jeanette selected all the images highlighted below as her favorites from the session.


Thanks Jeanette.  It was a pleasure working with you!


Makeup by:  MUAH Salon

family portraits taken in studio

headshot taken in portrait studio, Boise Idaho

corporate headshotstudio portrait





Hass Family | Boise Portrait Photographers

In my line of work I tend to meet quite a few people.  In this family’s case I had met Diane first when she came into the studio for a new head shot for work.  While in the studio Diane noticed some family prints on the wall and inquired about portraits for her family.  We got to talking… and she mentioned her mother was turning 90 in a few weeks.  All of her children and grandchildren were planning on being in town for “grandma’s” 90th birthday party… so we could think of no better time to capture a new family portrait.

Thanks Hass family for taking a little time out of your busy “birthday week” schedule to come hang out with me and have your portraits taken.

family portrait in Boise Idaho portrait of Boise Idaho couple family portrait in Boise Idahoportrait of Boise Couple family portrait taken in Boise Idaho 3 little girls family portrait in Boise Idaho Boise portrait of woman Boise family portrait

Miller Family | Boise Family Photographers

Once the children have grown up, married and moved out of the house it becomes harder and harder to get everyone together for a group photo.   Often times the whole family is not all together at once so the task of updating your portrait is nearly impossible.

This past spring the Miller family knew they’d all be in town for a jam packed weekend of events.  First, a few of them were participating in the Race to Robie Creek and second… they were in town to witness the ribbon cutting ceremony for “Mom’s” new business… Iconic Idaho. 

Mom… a.k.a Paula contacted me a few weeks prior to get the family session scheduled into their list of weekend events.  They were looking for a location that would provide quite a bit of textured detail in the background… but were hoping for something different than Kathryn Albertson Park  in downtown Boise.  The family has had photos taken there in the past and they were ready for a change.   In the end we all decided on meeting at the new Scentsy facilities in Meridian.    We knew we’d have a mixture of stone work, modern architecture and beautifully landscaped grounds.  The location exceeded all of our expectations and  we ended up with a few really great shots.


Thank You Miller family for choosing Leap Photography to update your family portrait.

Family portrait on stone stepsportrait of laughing family

What makes Leap Photography different | Boise portrait photographer

I know there are a lot of photographers in the Treasure Valley for you to choose from.  A quick search on Google or even a Facebook search may bring up dozens of potential photographers for you to choose from.  Different businesses show up on the first page of Google for various reasons and it’s not always because this business is truly the best in their field.  So…when it comes to finding a photographer in Boise you are probably asking yourself how do I decide or choose which photographer to go with.

This blog post has been designed to tell you a little more about me.  It’s not about showing you numerous examples of my work… you can browse through my website and this blog to see my work.  It’s about telling you what makes me… Leap Photography different.


1)  I’ve been a professional photographer for over 17  years. 

I’ve been working on my skills and refining my craft for years.  What this means to you is you can feel confident when you hire me to be your photographer.  Over the years I’ve gained knowledge and experience… making me a highly qualified photographer in the most difficult of lighting situations.

Don’t worry… the fact I have multiple years of experience in the field of portrait photography does not mean you’re hiring an old “fuddy duddy” who hasn’t’ kept up with current technology and portrait styles.  Review my online galleries.  I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised with my unique style of portraiture.  You’ll find I provide professional quality images… well lit, properly exposed, pleasingly composed and yet uniquely you.  It’s a style of photography which has taken me many years to refine.


2)  I have a B.A. in Photography

Yep that’s right.  I went to college to be a photographer.  I graduated from Montana State University in 1997 (please don’t do the math) and have been working as a professional photographer ever since.   I’m passionate about photography and love what I do.


3)  I only use professional labs and album binders

You can rest assured when I send your files off to print I’m not using cheap labs such as the local Walgreens or Costco.  All of my prints are outsourced to a pro lab that specializes in providing the best quality product available to professional photographers.  I trust these labs to provide you with an heirloom product because they only use the highest quality photo paper, albums and canvas materials.

These pro labs provide me with lusciously thick paper and prints printed at a proper color balance….. and these are are things that bring out the true “photo geek” in me.  If you ask my husband… it’s best to not get me started on the intricacies of a proper color balance.  Let’s just say I’m a stickler about my prints having  “true blacks” and  “true whites”.


4)  I have a Brick and Mortar business.

I don’t work out of my home or a coffee shop like so many other photographers.  I’m serious about my craft.  I’m a full service studio providing my clients with the option of studio sessions or location sessions.

When you schedule your studio session or proofing appointment with Leap photography… you will be meeting me at my studio.  I’m located at 2675 W. Main Street, #205.  I’m in the West Downtown neighborhood of Boise…. right on the corner of 27th and Main street.


5)  I own and use lights

So many photographers are advertising they are “natural light” photographers.  You may be asking yourself what this really means.  Well….it means they don’t use any kind of external lighting.  So….no flash on or off camera.  In most cases this is because these photographers don’t even own lighting….and in many cases even if they do….they may not even know  how to properly use it.

I shoot without lighting from time to time too….but I always have lighting with me on each and every shoot I go to.  I own an arsenal of canon speed-lights and photogenic studio lights which I routinely pull out at sessions, events and weddings.

Why do I use lighting?    I use the lighting to help cut out harsh shadows created by the sun, add a sparkle to your eyes and to create interesting lighting effects.  Without lights, I couldn’t always do this.

Why is this important to you?   When I photograph your session, you don’t have to worry that you won’t love your portraits.  Your skin will have an even tone and your eyes will shine.


6)  Photoshop is a tool…..not a crutch!

I’ve been a photographer since the days of film.  Back then we didn’t have screens on the back of our camera’s to show us if the image was good or not.  We had to get it right at the snap of the shutter.  Because of this, my philosophy is to “get it right in camera”.  Doing so saves me lots of time in post production, time which I don’t have to, nor want to, spend in front of a computer fixing images.

I do use Photoshop but I primarily use it to retouch skin.  Occasionally I’ll remove an object from the background or maybe do a “head swap” if necessary; otherwise the final product I provide to you is not heavily over processed.  It’s very similar to the image I originally captured in camera.

Don’t get me wrong…..I think some of the Photoshop & Lightroom filters available to photographers are pretty cool.  Sometimes I use them to add a special effect to a specific image.  My opinion is filters have a time and place.  I personally have chosen not to use them consistently because 1)  I think doing so is a crutch to not becoming an even better photographer and 2) I feel that a lot of these filter effects are going to make images look very dated within a few years.  I’d personally prefer to offer my clients a more traditional/classic product.  One that will not feel to dated 2, 5, or 10 years from now.



So… now that you know a little bit more about me… feel free to give me a call or shoot me an email.  I’d be glad to answer any questions you may have.



Bessire Family | Boise Family Portrait Photographers

The Bessire family and I got together last fall to update their family look.    Olive, the only child told her parents the family was overdue on having an updated family portrait taken.  Mom and Dad got to thinking…..”you know she’s right” and gave me a call.

Not only did Olive insist on a new family portrait….but she organized the wardrobe for the entire family as well.  I think she did a great job of coordinating the entire families outfits and choosing colors that worked perfect for a fall portrait session.