White Coat Ceremony | Boise Event Photographer

I’ve had the privilege of being ICOM’s official event photographer since the doors opened in the fall of 2019. They are Idaho’s first medical school.

This school was a long time in the making… but has been a great addition to Idaho and the Boise area alike.

What Is A White Coat Ceremony?

The White Coat Ceremony is actually quite a new tradition in some medical schools around the country. For those school hosting the event… it’s considered to be a right of passage for those pursuing careers within the medical field. The ceremony signifies the student’s transition from preclinical studies to the study of clinical health sciences.

white coat ceremony in Boise, Idaho

Every year ICOM brings in roughly 150 new students. These students spend two years on campus before leaving for their clinical rotations. They apply for rotations throughout the US, but many of these students remain in the Northwest. The White Coat Ceremony is just the first of many milestones the students achieve while pursuing their studies.

2 students before white coat ceremony
2 women before ICOM's white coat ceremony

The White Coat Ceremony takes place in the first few weeks of school…. but you’d never guess it from looking at these photos. From the moment these students arrive at ICOM they begin to form close bonds with fellow students and ICOM Staff.

candid event photo of medical students
Speaker during ICOM white coat ceremony

How Is Leap Photography Involved?

Leap Photography has been the official event photographer for the first two White Coat Ceremonies. It’s one of the few events a year that I bring in help and hire a second photographer. It’s no small task to document this event. 150+ students receive their white coats and then walk off stage to have a “formal” portrait taken.

event photo of white coat ceremony

A series of photographs is needed of the white coats being placed on each student by a faculty member or their family member who is a doctor. (For those student who have a parent, sibling or grandparent who is a doctor… they may elect to have their family member place the white coat on them.) Each student then goes to the “official’ photo area to have their headshot taken with their white coat on.

candid photo at white coat ceremoby

After the all the students have received their white coats… they collectively read an oath. Keynote speakers follow this oath.

event photo of students during a white coat ceremony
event photo of white coat ceremony
medical student with her mother

The photo above is an example of a student who received her white coat from her mother. The two stopped by the official photo area to have an image captured together. It’s a moments like these that made me want to become a photographer.

keynote speaker at a white coat ceremony
Keynote speaker
A medical student and his father

I look forward to many more years of documenting this ceremony!

If you have an upcoming event which you need a photographer for…. check out my event photography portfolio. I’d love to be your event photographer. ~ Brenda

Event Photographer | Festival Of Trees 2019

Leap Photography is proud to have been an official event photographer for the 2019, Boise Festival Of Trees! This was the 36th year St. Alphonsus hosted this charitable event. Over the years the festival has raised more than $10 million dollars to improve healthcare in the Treasure Valley.

Our photographer, Brenda Leap spent a little time behind the scenes of the annual fashion show. This year, Brenda photographed Santa, volunteers and the fashion show models.

We thought we’d share a little of our holiday fun with you. Here are just a few of Brenda’s favorite photos from backstage of the fashion show.

OH… and don’t forget, if you’re in need of an event photographer, give Leap Photography a call. We photograph events of all sizes.

Happy Holidays everyone!

event volunteers with Santa
Santa with two women at boise event
fashion models at Boise Festival of Trees
event photo of Santa with 2 women
alexander Davis fashion show models
breast cancer survival Star Wars Costumes

Impact Club | Boise Event Photographer

I have to admit, I hadn’t heard of The Impact Club Boise until a few weeks ago when they contacted me, inquiring if I was available to photograph their upcoming event.  Sarah filled me in on what the organization was all about and I knew this was something special!  I then waited with anticipation to witness, and photograph my very first Impact Club gathering.


What is the Impact Club Boise?

For those of you unfamiliar with what the Impact Club is… here’s a brief synopsis.  This is a group of individuals who join together, four times a year.  The join forces to pool their money together with the end goal to donate a substantial sum of money to non-profit organizations within the Treasure Valley.  The event duration is one hour.  Each member contributes $100 to the pool of money at the event sign in.

Once the event begins, members listen to a 5 minute presentation given by 3 different non-profits.  After each organization has given their presentation, members vote for the non profit they feel is most deserving.  The votes are tallied… and at the end of the evening, one lucky non-profit goes home with a big fat check!  This time around it was a $20,200 check.

Who Was the Winner?

As mentioned about, each event highlights three different non-profit organizations within the Boise area.  For the September 2018 gathering members voted for “The Speedy Foundation“.  The Speedy Foundation was created in the name of  Boise’s own Olympian, Jeret Speedy Peterson.  As many of us in the area know, “Speedy” took his own life.  The foundation was created in his memory, with the goal of reducing the stigma of mental health issues.

A Few Words From The Speedy Foundation

“A mental health crisis is more common than most people realize. You are more likely to come across a person having a mental health crisis than a person having a heart attack. Where CPR training is common, the same is not true of responding to a mental health crisis. We believe it is crucial to prepare to help our neighbors, friends, relatives and coworkers when they need help. The Speedy Foundation supports and provides Mental Health First Aid and QPR trainings in Idaho and Utah.”

In Conclusion

What an amazing event to have witnessed and to photograph!  If you or someone you know is looking for a way to continually contribute to the community, I encourage you to look into this group.  It might just be the perfect fit for you.


   group of people at impact club boiseimpact club volunteersJayden Deluca Foundation Speaksspeaker at impact club boiseThe Speedy Foundation Speaksgroup of people at Impact Club BoiseCouple at Impact ClubLadies donate to Impact Club BoiseMike Turner of Impact ClubSpeaker at Impact Club BoiseCheck is presented to The Speedy FoundationLarge group photo at Impact Club BoiseThe Speedy Foundation wins $20,200

Facebook: Boost Your Business | Event Photography | Boise Photographer

The last 3 months have been completely busy around here.  In fact, so much so that I have not been posting a lot of new content here on the blog.  I know people have been wondering what Leap Photography has been up to… and let me tell you….I’ve been busy.  Busy photographing weddings, corporate events, business headshots, newborns and family portraits.  It’s been nuts around here to say the least….but that’s a good thing because one, I love what I do….and two, I have a lot of photos to share with you in the near future.

Since today is Thanksgiving….I thought I’d jump back into updating this blog and giving you, my readers a little insight into my life as a photographer.  Although I’m not the best at keeping this blog up to date; I do truly appreciate each and everyone of my clients in addition to everyone who reads this blog.  Your support helps me continue to be a photographer and for that I’m very thankful.  I can’t imagine a career doing anything else.

So….let’s start with an event I photographed this past August.  It was the “Facebook Boost Your Business” event which was held here in Boise.  Facebook brought their crew of experts into town to help teach small business owners about all the marketing opportunities Facebook has available to them.  In addition to having a few different keynote speakers, Senator Jim Risch being one of them, the organizers of the event even went so far as to creating panels of speakers from the local community.  A few panels included business owners actively using Facebook as a primary marketing tool and another panel included persons from local resources such as the SBDC (small business development center) and Zions Bank Business Resource Center to field questions from the crowd.

Each panel of speakers discussed some pros and cons about Facebook and how it relates to their business or their clientele.  Panel members shared success stories and stories of failure with the audience.  All great nuggets of info for the business owner in attendance to take note of and consider for future use in his/her own small business.  Each small business is unique and the best course for marketing it varies from business to business.  Event attendees also learned about the current status of small businesses in Idaho and how these businesses impact the local economy.  For example… did you know that 56% of Idaho’s work force are employed by a small business?  I know I didn’t!  Idaho actually beats the national average on this statistic.  Nationally only 47% of workers are employed by a small business.  With Black Friday right around the corner, this statistic makes me even more steadfast about my husband and my decision a few years back to try and only support local businesses.

This was an event I really enjoyed photographing.  Not only did I meet a lot of really wonderful small business owners from the Boise area… I also gained some knowledge to implement in marketing my own small business.


Facbook Boost Your Business Stage DecorAttendees of Facebook Boost Your Business EventPhoto Booth at Corporate EventCandid Photo of Attendees of Corporate Event

Speaker at Facebook Boost Your BusinessKatie Sewell of the Idaho SBDC starts the event off with a brief presentation.

Candid Photo of Event Attendees

Senator Jim Risch Keynote SpeakerSenator Jim Risch was the Keynote Speaker

Facebook Employee speaks at Boost Your Business

Photo of a Panel of Speakers

participant in workshop takes notes on computer

Paige Coyle, speaks on panel at Facebook Boost Your BusinessPaige Coyle, marketing director at Payette Brewing talk about how they implement Facebook marketing into their business.

Photo of speaker at Boise's Facebook Boost Your Business

candid photo of event attendee

candid photo of panel of speakers

Photo of male presenter at corporate event

Jessica Flynn of Boise Speaks at Facebook Boost your BusinessJessica Flyn of Red Sky PR moderates one of the panels.

Candid photo of a panel of speakers at a corporate event

Event Photography: 2016 Children’s Champion Luncheon | Idaho Voices For Children | Boise Event Photographer

This blog post is WAY overdue… but it’s finally time to highlight Idaho Voices For Children’s annual Children’s Champion Luncheon.


First of all, in case you have never heard of “Idaho Voices For Children” is a group of concerned Idaho citizens who have come together to work on and implement new government policies and issues that will promote the interests and well being of children.  The issues they focus on are health, education, safety and family economic security.

Every year this group holds a luncheon which is not only a fundraiser for the organization, but also a time for them to recognize a person in Idaho who has gone above and beyond to help implement change for children and their families.  This person of the year is given the “Children’s Champion Award“.  The 2016 recipient was Mayor Garret Nancolas of Caldwell Idaho.

“Mayor Nancolas pioneered the concept of involving youth directly in government when he launched the Mayor’s Youth Advisory Council in 1999, a model that is now widespread. Building on this commitment, Garret implemented the City of Caldwell’s Youth Master Plan in 2012, which involves youth in creating initiatives that make the city better for them. He has been instrumental in launching Caldwell P-16, which provides preschool, after-school, and college and career readiness programs. He has been a champion for making sure that every third grader in Caldwell is water-safe. In 2015  Garret developed Caldwell Saves 1st, a financial education program for parents and children, and he currently oversees the successful Youth Summit, an annual forum promoting youth leadership and involvement.”

It was a pleasure to once again be chosen as the official Event Photographer for the Luncheon.  The individuals who attend are truly passionate about the cause and the positive, giving energy in the room is always inspiring.  Thanks Idaho Voices Children for choosing Leap Photography!

Table Decor at Corporate LuncheonTable Decor At Corporate EventEvent Photography CandidSkip Oppenheimer and FriendsSpeaker at Childrens Champion Luncheoncrowd photo at charity luncheonSkip Oppenheimer SpeakingGarret Nancolas of Caldwell receives awardPhoto of Children's ChampionsGarret Nancolas speaking at LuncheonLuncheon attendees crowd photoevent speaker on stageEvent Photography group candidgroup photo at corporate eventcandid photo at corporate eventGarret Nancolas and Family

Polar Bear Plunge | Boise Event Photographers

I’ve heard of The Polar Bear Plunge and even seen clips of footage on the local news … bet never thought I’d attend the event.  In all honesty, I’m usually not even out of bed before noon on New Years day.  I’ll be honest.  In the past, there has been a 50% chance that I’d be nursing a hangover on January 1st.

This year, things were different.  I received a call a month or so ago, asking if I had any availability on New Years day.  I said sure…. what do you have in mind?  This is when I was told the Boise chapter of “Make A Wish” was looking for a local photographer to cover an event.  They were hoping I would be willing to drive a little outside of Boise, brave the cold temperatures and photograph The Polar Bear Plunge.  Although I don’t like cold weather I  said “heck yeah”.  I mean… why not?  First of all, I would be helping to support a great cause.  Making wishes come true for children.  Second,  what a great opportunity to be the official event photographer at  a completely unique event…. full of CRAZY people. It’s one thing donating money to a cause, and another to jump into freezing cold water.

I showed up to Spring Shores Marina a little before 10 am and the plunge was scheduled to start at 11 am.  It was frigid out!  Temperatures were in the teens, but I showed up prepared.  Multiple layers of clothing, gloves, boots, hat… the works.  Plus of course, I had my camera and gear in tow.  I spent the morning walking around taking photos of the event setup, talking to strangers and taking photos of people having a good.  It was a great way to start my 2017.  So many kind souls, gathered in one location to give to children.  I can proudly say I’d photograph it again.

Thanks Boise for keeping it fun!


           Polar Bear Plunge 2017

The rescue crew started the day early.  Ice needed to be broken so participates could submerge themselves into the icy waters.

Breaking Ice before Polar Bear Plunge

Onlookers and participants show up early to not only register…. but scope out the best plan of attack for their plunge.

Registration at Polar Bear Plunge

Onlooker watch as the ice is broken and the plunge area is prepped for the big event.

Costumes are a huge part of the day.

Chicken Costumes at the Polar Bear Plungetwo participants of the Polar Bear Plunge


KTVB’s Larry Gebert was once again the MC of the event.  Plus he had the special privilege of being the first personto get to submerge himself in the icy cold water.

Larry Gebert at the 2017 Polar Bear Plunge

And they’re off!  The race to jump into the icy waters begins.  These people can now say they have taken the Polar Bear Plunge!

participants jump in icy water

COLD!!!   COLD!!  COLD!!!

man jumps out of icy water at Polar Bear Plungetwo women complete polar bear plungeWomen running in ice cold waterVICTORY IS MINE!!!

This man completed the Polar Bear Challenge and stopped for a photo.Man in USA speedo after Polar Bear Plunge

Event Photography: Idaho Voices for Children – Children’s Champion Luncheon | Boise Photographer

I was just getting ready to write a blog post about the 2016 “Children’s Champion Luncheon”….and realized I had not yet blogged about the 2015 event.  I’m not going to lie, I’m terrible at keeping up this blog!

So…what is the  “Children’s Champion Luncheon”?  It’s both a fundraising event and an awards luncheon put on by the Idaho Voices For Children.  This organization is a group of concerned Idaho citizens who group together to work on and implement new government policies and issues that will promote the interests and well being of children.  The issues they focus on are health, education, safety and family economic security.

Every year one individual is honored at the luncheon and given the “Children’s Champion Award”.  The person chosen has made great strides to make changes within Idaho or their community to help children.  Bev Harad was the 2015 award winner.  Bev started a statewide advocacy group called “People for Schools”, worked 18 years as a Boise School Trustee, and serves on the Boise Schools Foundation Board.  She’s spent 25+ years advocating for Idaho’s youth.

So….when you have a big event such as this and need to make sure someone as special is honored, you bring in an event photographer to document the day.  This is where I come in.  I was hired to not only photograph the luncheon itself, but to capture candid photos and detail shots for future event promotions.


Thanks Idaho Voices for Children for choosing Leap Photography.  It was a pleasure!


table decorations at corporate event

group of womenspeaker at corporate event in Boise

Skip Oppenheimer introduces Bev Harad

Skip Oppenheimer and Bev Harad

Skip Oppenheimer

Skip Oppenheimer speaking at corporate eventBev Harad is presented an awardBev Harad accepts award

Closing comments from Lauren Necochea

speaker at corporate eventgroup of women at charity luncheon

(L-R):  Jim Everett, Bev Harad, Barbara Morgan, Skip Oppenheimer

Barbara Morgan, Skip Oppenheimer and Bev Haradgroup portrait at corporate eventIdaho Voices for Children Staff










Spirit of Boise Balloon Festival | Boise Photographer

There is no denying that being a photographer can sometimes have it’s perks.  I do get to meet some really fascinating people, attend events I wouldn’t ordinarily go to and even do something as cool as take a hot air balloon ride.  The later….probably being my top favorite photo shoot in recent history.  Sure, standing in the media pit at a concert or press conference can be somewhat exhilarating…. but neither compares to the rush of going up in a hot air balloon for your very first time.

A few weeks ago the Spirit of Boise Balloon Classic was back in town and I was fortunate enough to get a chance to go up for a ride.  It was “media days” and I  was one of the many who got the opportunity to go up in a balloon.   I wasn’t sure at first how I felt about going up.  I have a slight fear of heights and I was concerned I might regret my decision  once up in the air.  However, I stopped, thought about it and realized…. these type of work opportunities don’t come along very often.  So….Go….Go…Go!

The day started out early….very early.  I drove into Ann Morrison Park at 6 am.  This may not seem early to you…. but for those who know me well….they know I’m rarely out of my house before 8:30 am.  If it’s morning and it’s still dark out… I’m in bed.

Once I got checked in and was assigned to a pilot the morning flew by.  I watched, photographed and helped the best I could with pre-flight preparations and then all of a sudden it was time to take off.   The photos below show the progression of my day.   It’s an opportunity I’m glad I didn’t let pass me by and I’d do it again if ever given the opportunity.



The morning starts really early for Festival organizers and balloon pilots.  Scott Spencer the director of the Spirit of Boise Balloon Festival talks to KIVI TV just before the morning pilot briefing.

TV crew interviews Scott Spencer of Boise

Baskets, volunteers and spectators await the pilots return from the morning weather briefing.

just before dawn at the Spirit of Boise Balloon Festival

The pilot of Simpatico and a volunteer hard at work, working on the first step of inflating the balloon.

hot air balloon crew hard at work



Me….  hard at work snapping photos and watching the balloon field fill up.

(cell phone photo courtesy of my husband)

photographer taking photos at Balloon Festival

My viewpoint!

filling a hot air balloon with hot air

Another candid capture…. courtesy of my husband.

Brenda Leap standing in front of hot air balloons

Just one of many gorgeous sites I witnessed while waiting to board Simpatico.

hot air balloon in Boise sky

Right before take off.

hot air balloon at take off

My view from just above the balloon field.

view from above the Boise Balloon Classic

another great shot from my husbands perspective……my balloon just after take off.  You can even see me, with camera in hand snapping away.

Simpatico Hot air balloon

Oh….the views from above!  Totally worth the 6:15 am check in time.

Looking down on a hot air balloon

hot air balloon silouette in Boise Skyline

hot air balloons above downtown Boise





Treefort Music Festival | Boise concert and event photographer

Another Treefort has came and gone and I was once again on scene with camera in hand.  In years past I’ve tried to fill my schedule with as many bands as I could possibly photograph in a given time frame.  I typically spent more time running around downtown Boise from venue to venue than actually listening to music.  This year I took a much different approach.  I only attended concerts I was interested in seeing.  Some bands I was familiar with prior to Treefort….others I was not.  I took a few photos along the way plus I spent more time enjoying all the other things Treefort has to offer.  A few of those things being “Food Truck Alley”, “Alefort” and “Foodfort”.  Plus I spent more quality time with my husband….who has been my Treefort companion from the beginning.  He’s gone venue to venue with me, stood on the side lines watching concerts from a far while I hung out in press pits and mosh pits to get the shots.

Today I’m experiencing a bit of a Treefort let down.  I’m missing all the great music,  and feeling a bit old.  All those long days and late nights finally caught up to me.  However, I did get a chance to pick out a few of my favorite shots.  So here it is…. a small peek at my week of Treefort.

Treefort 2016, Pimps of Joytime
Pimps of Joytime

Treefort Music Festival, LEX

YACHT at Boise Treefort Music Festival

Mystery Skulls performs at Treefort Music Festival
Mystery Skulls

Leftover Salmon at Treefort Music Festival

Mamifer performs at Treefort Music Festival

Leftover Salmon perfoms at Treefort Music Festival
Leftover Salmon

Chelsea Wolfe performs at Treefort Music Festival
Chelsea Wolfe

Magic  Sword at Treefort 2016
Magic Sword

YACHT performs at Treefort Music Festival

Cello Joe on stage at Treefort Music Festival
Cello Joe

French Horn Rebellion on stage at Treefort
French Horn Rebellion

Leftover Salmon on the Treefort Music Festival Stage
Leftover Salmon

Aaron Paul’s “Triple 9” Movie Screening | Boise Event Photographer

Emmett Idaho native Aaron Paul came back to Boise this week to premier his new movie Triple 9.  Crowds flocked to downtown on Wednesday not only to try and get a glimpse of Aaron, but to get their free set of movie tickets to his new movie.  All tickets were free….the catch… you had to win them.


In addition to local radio stations running on air contests for tickets….Aaron used Twitter to execute a scavenger hunt for tickets on Wednesday afternoon.  Aaron tweeted clues to locations of tickets and people flocked to those locations hoping to score their free set.


The movie was scheduled to start at 7:30 pm, but crowds started lining up early in the day hoping to catch a glimpse and hopefully a selfie with Aaron himself.  I arrived on scene at about 6 pm to cover the nights events for the film studio… Open Road Films.  Events like this one don’t happen often in Boise so the excitement of the crowd was contagious.  Once Aaron arrived it only escalated.  News crews, local publications and hometown fans were on site and ready with camera in hand to document their version of his arrival.


With that said, below you’ll find my visual interpretation of the night’s below.  I’ve gathered a few of my favorites from the event to share with all of you.

Triple 9 Movie posterpeople in line for Triple 9 Movie screening in Boisecrowd waiting for Aaron PaulCrowd standing in front of Egyptian Theatre sign in BoiseAaron Paul arrives to Triple 9 Movie screeningAaron takes selfie with Boise residentCake Ballers Staff at Triple 9 Movie screeningcouple inside theatre at Triple 9 movie screeningAaron Paul talks to the pressAaron Paul talks to the presscrowd inside the Egyptian Theatre in BoiseAaron Paul takes selfie with 2 women in Boise, IdahoAaron Paul introduces the Triple 9 movie to Boise movie goersAaron Paul signs his autograph