Community Baby Shower | Boise Photographer

It was an honor to be the Boise Photographer asked to capture photos for promotion of great non-profit event… Community Baby Shower. In June I had the pleasure of volunteering my photography skills to this non-profit. The photographs I created were used in print, web and TV promotions to help raise awareness about the item drive.

What Is The “Community Baby Shower”?

This community-wide event was designed to collect much needed baby supplies to help at-risk mothers give their babies a healthy start. Donation bins are located in various business locations throughout the Treasure Valley. Items such as diapers, wipes and formula can be left in any one of the donation bins. I know these basic baby items may not seem like much of a donation to some of us… but these donations mean the world to the mother’s on the receiving end. These families are not only struggling to make ends meet, they’re often overwhelmed with the new baby in their life.

How Leap Photography Was Involved

I’ve donated items to the donation bins in the past for this event, so when I was approached about helping create images for marketing purposes my answer was YES!

woman and baby on white background

I met up with a few team members from KIVI TV to brainstorm ideas for the photo shoot. After a lengthly discussion, we decided to photograph one of the families who had recently been a “Community Baby Shower” recipient.

baby boy wearing hat

The Photo Shoot

The family and the KIVI TV crew met me in the photo studio to capture the images. I total we 10 people running around my tiny studio. Although it was a little chaotic, and somewhat crowded at times, it was so much fun to photograph.

These little ones brought so much energy and excitement to the photo shoot. They were excited to photographed and to be a part of this promotional campaign. Honestly, It’s not often I have little ones who are so excited and ready for a photo session. These kids felt like starts and it shines through in their smiles.

woman and 2 children
woman holding baby

All in all I feel we captured some great promotional shots! This post highlights just a few of my favorites from the day. There were so many good ones that it was honestly hard to narrow down to these images.

studio photo of girl

So… if you’re looking for a non-profit to donate your time or money to… Consider Community Baby Shower. It not only helps educate the mothers and provide much needed baby supplies, it also helps the mother’s set up a healthy environment for the children.

Michelle Edmonds (KIVI TV Anchor) and the family.

Impact Club | Boise Event Photographer

I have to admit, I hadn’t heard of The Impact Club Boise until a few weeks ago when they contacted me, inquiring if I was available to photograph their upcoming event.  Sarah filled me in on what the organization was all about and I knew this was something special!  I then waited with anticipation to witness, and photograph my very first Impact Club gathering.


What is the Impact Club Boise?

For those of you unfamiliar with what the Impact Club is… here’s a brief synopsis.  This is a group of individuals who join together, four times a year.  The join forces to pool their money together with the end goal to donate a substantial sum of money to non-profit organizations within the Treasure Valley.  The event duration is one hour.  Each member contributes $100 to the pool of money at the event sign in.

Once the event begins, members listen to a 5 minute presentation given by 3 different non-profits.  After each organization has given their presentation, members vote for the non profit they feel is most deserving.  The votes are tallied… and at the end of the evening, one lucky non-profit goes home with a big fat check!  This time around it was a $20,200 check.

Who Was the Winner?

As mentioned about, each event highlights three different non-profit organizations within the Boise area.  For the September 2018 gathering members voted for “The Speedy Foundation“.  The Speedy Foundation was created in the name of  Boise’s own Olympian, Jeret Speedy Peterson.  As many of us in the area know, “Speedy” took his own life.  The foundation was created in his memory, with the goal of reducing the stigma of mental health issues.

A Few Words From The Speedy Foundation

“A mental health crisis is more common than most people realize. You are more likely to come across a person having a mental health crisis than a person having a heart attack. Where CPR training is common, the same is not true of responding to a mental health crisis. We believe it is crucial to prepare to help our neighbors, friends, relatives and coworkers when they need help. The Speedy Foundation supports and provides Mental Health First Aid and QPR trainings in Idaho and Utah.”

In Conclusion

What an amazing event to have witnessed and to photograph!  If you or someone you know is looking for a way to continually contribute to the community, I encourage you to look into this group.  It might just be the perfect fit for you.


   group of people at impact club boiseimpact club volunteersJayden Deluca Foundation Speaksspeaker at impact club boiseThe Speedy Foundation Speaksgroup of people at Impact Club BoiseCouple at Impact ClubLadies donate to Impact Club BoiseMike Turner of Impact ClubSpeaker at Impact Club BoiseCheck is presented to The Speedy FoundationLarge group photo at Impact Club BoiseThe Speedy Foundation wins $20,200

Event Photography: 2016 Children’s Champion Luncheon | Idaho Voices For Children | Boise Event Photographer

This blog post is WAY overdue… but it’s finally time to highlight Idaho Voices For Children’s annual Children’s Champion Luncheon.


First of all, in case you have never heard of “Idaho Voices For Children” is a group of concerned Idaho citizens who have come together to work on and implement new government policies and issues that will promote the interests and well being of children.  The issues they focus on are health, education, safety and family economic security.

Every year this group holds a luncheon which is not only a fundraiser for the organization, but also a time for them to recognize a person in Idaho who has gone above and beyond to help implement change for children and their families.  This person of the year is given the “Children’s Champion Award“.  The 2016 recipient was Mayor Garret Nancolas of Caldwell Idaho.

“Mayor Nancolas pioneered the concept of involving youth directly in government when he launched the Mayor’s Youth Advisory Council in 1999, a model that is now widespread. Building on this commitment, Garret implemented the City of Caldwell’s Youth Master Plan in 2012, which involves youth in creating initiatives that make the city better for them. He has been instrumental in launching Caldwell P-16, which provides preschool, after-school, and college and career readiness programs. He has been a champion for making sure that every third grader in Caldwell is water-safe. In 2015  Garret developed Caldwell Saves 1st, a financial education program for parents and children, and he currently oversees the successful Youth Summit, an annual forum promoting youth leadership and involvement.”

It was a pleasure to once again be chosen as the official Event Photographer for the Luncheon.  The individuals who attend are truly passionate about the cause and the positive, giving energy in the room is always inspiring.  Thanks Idaho Voices Children for choosing Leap Photography!

Table Decor at Corporate LuncheonTable Decor At Corporate EventEvent Photography CandidSkip Oppenheimer and FriendsSpeaker at Childrens Champion Luncheoncrowd photo at charity luncheonSkip Oppenheimer SpeakingGarret Nancolas of Caldwell receives awardPhoto of Children's ChampionsGarret Nancolas speaking at LuncheonLuncheon attendees crowd photoevent speaker on stageEvent Photography group candidgroup photo at corporate eventcandid photo at corporate eventGarret Nancolas and Family

Polar Bear Plunge | Boise Event Photographers

I’ve heard of The Polar Bear Plunge and even seen clips of footage on the local news … bet never thought I’d attend the event.  In all honesty, I’m usually not even out of bed before noon on New Years day.  I’ll be honest.  In the past, there has been a 50% chance that I’d be nursing a hangover on January 1st.

This year, things were different.  I received a call a month or so ago, asking if I had any availability on New Years day.  I said sure…. what do you have in mind?  This is when I was told the Boise chapter of “Make A Wish” was looking for a local photographer to cover an event.  They were hoping I would be willing to drive a little outside of Boise, brave the cold temperatures and photograph The Polar Bear Plunge.  Although I don’t like cold weather I  said “heck yeah”.  I mean… why not?  First of all, I would be helping to support a great cause.  Making wishes come true for children.  Second,  what a great opportunity to be the official event photographer at  a completely unique event…. full of CRAZY people. It’s one thing donating money to a cause, and another to jump into freezing cold water.

I showed up to Spring Shores Marina a little before 10 am and the plunge was scheduled to start at 11 am.  It was frigid out!  Temperatures were in the teens, but I showed up prepared.  Multiple layers of clothing, gloves, boots, hat… the works.  Plus of course, I had my camera and gear in tow.  I spent the morning walking around taking photos of the event setup, talking to strangers and taking photos of people having a good.  It was a great way to start my 2017.  So many kind souls, gathered in one location to give to children.  I can proudly say I’d photograph it again.

Thanks Boise for keeping it fun!


           Polar Bear Plunge 2017

The rescue crew started the day early.  Ice needed to be broken so participates could submerge themselves into the icy waters.

Breaking Ice before Polar Bear Plunge

Onlookers and participants show up early to not only register…. but scope out the best plan of attack for their plunge.

Registration at Polar Bear Plunge

Onlooker watch as the ice is broken and the plunge area is prepped for the big event.

Costumes are a huge part of the day.

Chicken Costumes at the Polar Bear Plungetwo participants of the Polar Bear Plunge


KTVB’s Larry Gebert was once again the MC of the event.  Plus he had the special privilege of being the first personto get to submerge himself in the icy cold water.

Larry Gebert at the 2017 Polar Bear Plunge

And they’re off!  The race to jump into the icy waters begins.  These people can now say they have taken the Polar Bear Plunge!

participants jump in icy water

COLD!!!   COLD!!  COLD!!!

man jumps out of icy water at Polar Bear Plungetwo women complete polar bear plungeWomen running in ice cold waterVICTORY IS MINE!!!

This man completed the Polar Bear Challenge and stopped for a photo.Man in USA speedo after Polar Bear Plunge

Walk to End Alzheimer’s | Boise Event Photographer

This year was my 4th year photographing the Walk to End Alzheimer’s.  It’s held every October at Kleiner Park in Meridian.  I see a lot of smiling faces at this event and I can tell you I’ve noticed the number of attendees has been growing by leaps and bounds with each passing year.

Every year I see a number of new faces and sometimes hear a quick story about why the individuals I’m photographing are walking for the cause.  In addition, I have a number of people who come to the photo booth area each year.  It’s always nice to say hello again and help them create a memory they will cherish for years to come.  Especially since most of the teams are families gathering together in support of a loved one who has been diagnosed with the disease.

Walk to End Alzheimer’s is put together by the Alzheimer’s Association and proceeds from this annual fundraiser help support Alzheimer’s research and care.  The event is held nationwide, not just here in Boise!   So….if you’d like to get involved, I urge you to contact to the Alzheimer’s Association office nearest you.

Team photo at Boise charity walkcouple at Alzheimer's walk Boise

family portrait at charity walk

two women at boise charity walk

Go Red For Women 2015 | Boise Event and Corporate Photographers

Once again I stepped in and helped out with the American Heart Association’s annual event… Go Red For Women.  Every year women gather together to not only support the American Heart Association and their efforts on raising funds to support heart and stroke research, but to participate in one of the many educational “break out sessions”.  In these sessions ladies pick up helpful tips on how to be more heart healthy.

Alone with all the educational events, a photo booth area is also available to attendees.  It’s a fun way for ladies to create a keepsake from their day at the event.  Props are provided and ladies can gather together for a group portrait or even just have a photo taken by themselves in the photo booth area.

Here is a selection of just a few of my favorites from this year’s event.

portrait of two Boise women at Go Red For Women Spuddy Buddyportrait of two women at Boise Go Red For Womenportrait of woman at Go Red For Women BoiseSpuddy Buddy + Guestportrait of two women at Boise Go Red For Women Luncheonportrait of three women at Go Red For Women BoiseSpuddy Buddy poses with man at Boise Go Red For Women luncheon

VIP Night – Idaho Goes Red Week | Boise Event Photographers

The final event of the first ever ‪#‎IdahoGoesRed‬ week was “V.I.P. night”.  It was a way for the American Heart Association of Idaho to say Thank You to some of their most loyal volunteers and contributors……and Leap Photography was on hand to photograph couples, groups and individuals who came to the event.


Prom Style portrait

Walk to End Alzheimer’s | Boise Event Photographers

For those of you who have been keeping an eye on my blog…. you’ve probably noticed I donate quite a lot of my time to non- profit organizations.  The Alzheimer’s Association is just one of about three groups I work with on a consistent basis.  There are a lot of organizations I could choose to work with, but the Alzheimer’s Association is just one I’ve chosen to work with because of a personal impact Alzheimer’s has had on my life.

Often times it’s assumed I’ve had someone close to me, a family member, family friend etc. diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.  In actuality, this is not the case.  My first experiences with a person affected with the disease dates back to when I was about 16 years old.  Few people know this… but my first paying job,  other than baby sitting,  was working as a CNA in a nursing home.  I worked this job every summer and some weeknights throughout the school year until I graduated and moved onto college.  In college, I continued to work in health care but instead of working in a nursing home I chose to work in home health care.  The hours were flexible and the job helped pay my way through school.

In those first few years at the nursing home I was frequently assigned to work in the Alzheimer’s wing.  I worked with numerous patients every single day.  All were affected by the disease in various ways.  Although the job could be beyond difficult on some days all in all it was a rewarding experience, one which I will never forget.  In fact,  I still remember some of those people vividly.  One of them in particular, Nellie…. I don’t think I’ll ever forget.  By the time I met Nellie she was in the final stages of the disease.  At his point she was not really with us most of the time, but every once in a while she’d start talking about a traumatic event from her past.  To her it was if that moment was happening all over again.  It was heartbreaking to see her relive those moments over and over and of course all I could ever think is  “please, please…..I don’t ever want to have Alzheimer’s”.


So… with that said.  I guess Nellie and countless other people I’ve helped are the reason I support the Alzheimer’s Association every year.  My hope is that individuals and families will someday not have to experience the heart ache of this disease.  The least I can do is take photos of all the those walking to support the cause, providing them with a memento from their day.

team photo of group at the Boise Walk to End Alzheimer's


Team Photo from 2015 Walk to End Alzheimer's event in Boise, Idaho

March for Babies | Boise Event Photographers

As some of you who follow this blog know…..I attend quite a few charity events.  This includes my fair share of charity walks throughout the year.  Just a few weeks ago,  I had a chance to attend my first ever “March for Babies“.

If you’re not familiar with it… and don’t feel bad if you don’t…. it’s a walk to benefit the March of Dimes.  What’s the March of Dimes?  A non profit organization which raises money to help mom’s have full term pregnancies.  Full term pregnancies lead to a higher percentage of healthy babies at birth.  The March for Babies walk is just one of many fundraisers the March of dimes do throughout the year.  This walk helps the March of dimes raise much needed money which will be used for the research of problems that lead to premature births.

This years annual event took place on April 25th.  Teams gathered in the band shell behind the Boise Art Museum inside Julia Davis park.  The weather was absolutely perfect!  No rain, no snow and lots of sunshine.

I was on hand to photograph team groups and take a few candid shots along the way.  I talked to many different people and had a great time capturing everyone having a good time.  Here are a just a few of the group photos I took on the morning of the walk.

Pacific Source employees participating in March for Babies

group portrait of military volunteers at March for Babies

St. Lukes employees & family team photo from March for Babies 2015

Large team group photo at March for Babies

Chic Filet posing with cows at March for Babies

St. Lukes Nicu team photo at March for Babies

Volunteer of the Year | Leap Photography | Boise Event Photographers

Over the past five years you may have noticed I have quite a few blog posts that revolve around the American Heart Association.  This is because I’ve been providing my time and services to the AHA to help them promote all the great things they do within our community throughout the year.

Although I feel like I’ve done very little ….. a number of people felt differently and nominated me for the Volunteer of the year award.

The video below is taken on the day I found out I had actually won the award.  Up until this point I thought all the nominees would be going through a video interview.  As you will see, I quickly found out this was not the case.

Here it is…..the American Heart Association-Idaho video of me finding out I’m “Volunteer of the Year”