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Today we’re talking about company headshots, and why your business needs them. Long gone are the days of opening up a phone book and searching for the service provider you need. Web searches are king and companies need to be putting extra effort into their web presence.

Think about it. If you’re looking for an electrician, plumber, or even a photographer… you grab your computer or phone, pull up a search engine, and do a search for that particular service. Your next step is to browse through the web pages and learn more about the company. We do this because we want to do business with people that we feel we know, like, and trust.

First Impressions Count

The average person makes a snap decision about your company within 3-5 seconds of opening up your company website. People do “judge a book by its cover”… or in this case the general appearance of your website. If you’re using low-quality images, the viewer immediately forms a snap decision about your business. That snap decision, 9 times out of 10, will be that you don’t take your business seriously… and maybe they should look to other service providers.

How To Use Your Company Headshots

There are dozens of ways you can use your employee headshots. I’ve listed just a few possible ways below.

  • Company Website
  • Email Signatures
  • Inner Office Insta Chat
  • Printed Literature (brochures, business cards)
  • Zoom Calls

How Leap Photography Can Help

Considering all the topics brought up above, how’s your website looking? Does your about page have any type of consistency in the headshots? Same color backgrounds? Uniform head sizes? If not, then it’s time to schedule a headshot day for your company.

Not sure where to start? Contact Leap Photography today to learn more:

To view more of our headshot work… jump on over to our website.

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