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Clairvoyant Brewing | Commercial Photography

Today we’re looking back to a commercial photography project I completed for Beer Advocate Magazine. They were getting ready to publish an article entitled “50 of the Best New Breweries”. It featured photos of craft brewers and their establishments. Clairvoyant Brewing in Boise was on the list.

For those who live in Boise, you’ve probably noticed a number of new craft breweries springing up. Beer Advocate picked this establishment out from the pack. Clairvoyant positioned themselves in a neighborhood that is quickly growing… Boise’s West End area. This neighborhood has a rich history dating back to it beginnings in 1903. It is also close to Esther Simplot Park, White Water Park, and the Boise Greenbelt. The neighborhood is a prime destination for more than just it’s residents.

commercial real estate photo of a brewery

Those who do live in the surrounding neighborhood “take advantage of their prime location to find entertainment, recreation, and fun right in their own backyards”. Residents take advantage of their scenery, getting out for a walk or to go for a bike ride.

glasses of beer on bar top

Although Clairvoyant is focused on creating quality beer, their doors are open to everyone. They also offer beverages from local cider producers and wineries. If you’d prefer not to imbibe, soda is also available. Food Trucks and music are often on site, offering you a great excuse to stay a bit longer. Plus, if you don’t have time to stick around you can get a growler or crowler to take home. The atmosphere is laid back, you can bring your dog along, grab a bit to eat and meet up with friends. Indoor and outdoor seating is available.

cans of Clairvoyant beer

So the next time you’re in this neighborhood don’t forget to stop in and check it out!

Commercial Real Estate photo of Boise Brewery

Link to their web article