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Support Local

If you’ve walked or driven anywhere in the last 2 months you’ve most certainly noticed something out of place. No people, closed shops, and empty streets evoke a feeling of loneliness. Boise looks like a ghost town.

All businesses are hurting in this time of the global pandemic, but small business owners are feeling the pinch more than most. In most cases, their income has come to a complete standstill.

Shop Local!

I ask all of you to THINK LOCAL, SHOP LOCAL, and make a conscious effort to help revive your LOCAL economy.

Not only will you be helping small businesses stay afloat, but you’re helping your local economy. If you need more clarification on this… check out Buy Idaho.

How To Do Your Part

Supporting Local has been something my husband and I have been big believers in for many years. In fact, we were locavores before there was a word for it. We try really hard to keep our $$ in the local economy…. even when we travel out of state. Shopping at big box stores and chain restaurants is a huge NO-NO for us! Here are just a few ways we do our part.

  • We only patronize locally-owned restaurants. Not only are we supporting a business owner and their employees, but everything trickles down to local farmers. Therefore the money we spend directly affects multiple small businesses within the community.
  • All goods and services that can be purchased from a local business get our cash. For example, pay for better service at a local greenhouse rather than buying from Lowes or Home Depot. Why? Like the restaurants, we know most of the money these businesses spend, stay within the community.

An All Idaho Food & Drink Spread

Almost every Friday night, my husband and I have a charcuterie spread that allows us to not cook and graze while enjoying some downtime. Last week we decided to do a “100%, All Idaho” Friday night. It was a perfect way for us to support local and do our part to revive the local economy.

The goal was to have an evening of consuming only locally sourced food and beverages. I think we did an excellent job! It was easy, fun, and super tasty.

Idaho Food Platter

It is easy to find locally sourced libations.

Idaho beer & cider

Cider & Beers

idaho meat and cheese platter

Meat & Cheese Platter

chocolate and pecans on a plate

Chocolate & Pecans

  • The City Peanut Shop in downtown Boise roasts and creates amazing treats in their downtown Boise storefront. These Maple Syrup pecans are one of my favorite treats.

  • Sea Salt Chocolate Bark by Arno Chocolate is a sophisticated treat to enjoy alongside a 100% local charcuterie plate.

This is basically how we enjoy most Friday nights. Everything was perfect and seemed to taste better when there is a tie to our community and a bond with area businesses. We hope you will give “buying local” more of a chance and slowly learn to embrace the “Support Local” movement.