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Event Speaker: Angela Taylor | Boise Photographer

Leap Photography photographs events of all sizes. These photos of Angela Taylor, owner of Indulge Food Tours and The DIGNITAS Agency are a perfect example of what photo coverage from a small event can look like.

The Event

Angela contacted me looking for a photographer to help promote her speaking services. She had a presentation coming up within the next 24 hours and was in desperate need of finding a photographer.

female event speaker

I met up with Angela at the Nampa Civic Center where she was scheduled to speak. On this particular day she was giving a presentation to a group of librarians from all across Idaho.

convention room with speaker on stage

Her uplifting speaking style helped motivate this group to set goals and make meaningful changes in their day to day work lives. They all left with new nuggets of wisdom to help inspire them through the most trying of times.

woman speaking to a crowd
energetic speaker on stage

Angela shared inspiration from moments in her own life. She re-lived ups, downs and times of uncertainty. Showing that all these stages are just a part of each individuals journey.

If you have an upcoming event in need of being documented, give me a call. As you can see… I photograph events of all sizes. ~ Brenda

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