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Recently I met up with some ladies I had not seen in a while. Through the course of the conversation, one of the ladies mentioned: “you should get into newborn photography”. I replied, “I do photograph newborns I thought you knew that”. It turns out… she had no idea because I don’t talk about this service very often on social media or here on my blog.

Today I’m here to let you know… YES, I do photograph newborns, infants, and children. I’m more than just a headshot and wedding photographer!

A few things to think about before your child’s photo session

I only photograph newborns and infants in the photo studio. I do this because you will end up with a much better portrait of your little one. Working in the studio allows for a controlled environment, free of distractions for the little ones. I can also control the temperature and noise levels within the studio, something that can be difficult to achieve if I come to you.

If your child is 6 months old or older I can photograph him/her in the studio or we can meet on location. Whatever you choose, keep in mind the younger children do tend to photograph better in an environment with few distractions. Quiet parks and backyards would be more ideal than a trip to the zoo or a local playground.

The best time of day to photograph children of any age is in the morning. I don’t recommend photographing children after 1 or 2 pm. Also, do not schedule your child’s portrait session during their nap time or meal time. In my experience trying to adjust their schedule for just one day never works.

To learn more about Leap Photography’s newborn and children’s portrait services don’t hesitate to contact me directly. ~ Brenda

newborn in father's arms
newborn girl in pink headband
infant boy
crying baby girl
sleeping infant girl
baby on father's shoulders
newborn girl
naked infant portrait

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