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Senior Portraits: Taylor | Boise Photographers

I can hardly believe it, but it’s senior portrait season once again. With school back in full swing, there are many new high school seniors.  In addition to applying for colleges, financial aid, and scholarship packages…. these young adults are also looking forward to having their senior pictures taken. 

Most school yearbooks in the Boise area require students to submit a photo taken by a professional photographer, on a specific color background.

In many cases, the student must also wear either a tux or a drape in their “official” senior portrait.

Finding a photographer who can take the school required graduation photos, in addition to the type of senior pictures the student REALLY wants can sometimes be a challenge.  Few photographers in the area have a photo studio… and who really wants to rely on the images they’ll have to choose from on school photo day?  Seniors are looking for a personalized, truly unique experience with their senior portrait photographer.  They don’t want to feel like just one of the many people walking through the school photo camera line.

Senior portraits, Boise, Idaho

A unique portrait experience

Here at Leap Photography, I offer a truly individualized portrait experience.  I don’t photograph hundreds of people a day. I take the time to get to know my seniors and I walk them and their parents through the entire senior portrait process.  The experience begins with the phone call, continues through the portraits session, a one on one image/proof reveal session, custom product designs proofs and of course the pick up of your purchased items.

Senior drape photo

I like to get to know each senior before the portrait session if possible.  I try to find out a little bit about his/her personality so we can select a portrait location that is true to that particular seniors personality.  If a person hates the outdoors…that last thing I’d suggest is a portrait session in the woods.  I also talk to all my clients about clothing, hair, and makeup selections.  Giving suggestions on what colors photograph best and tips on makeup application for portraits, just helps each individual look and feel their best in portraits.

senior pictures in freak alley Boise

So…with all that said….here is a look at a selection of Taylor’s, favorite images from her photo session.  This gorgeous gal fits the description I listed above to a T.  She needed the traditional photo for her yearbook, but she did not want that photo to remember her senior year by.  She’s not a tradition gal at all.  She was looking for an urban photographer.  Someone to take her around downtown Boise and capture her in an environment which felt comfortable and true to herself.

Thanks again Taylor and Carolyn (mom) for choosing Leap Photography.  I had a great time getting to know the two of you and wish you both the best of luck on your new endeavors.

professional portrait of high school seniorsenior picture of capitol high studenturban senior pictureurban senior photography