Treefort Music Festival | Boise concert and event photographer

Another Treefort has came and gone and I was once again on scene with camera in hand.  In years past I’ve tried to fill my schedule with as many bands as I could possibly photograph in a given time frame.  I typically spent more time running around downtown Boise from venue to venue than actually listening to music.  This year I took a much different approach.  I only attended concerts I was interested in seeing.  Some bands I was familiar with prior to Treefort….others I was not.  I took a few photos along the way plus I spent more time enjoying all the other things Treefort has to offer.  A few of those things being “Food Truck Alley”, “Alefort” and “Foodfort”.  Plus I spent more quality time with my husband….who has been my Treefort companion from the beginning.  He’s gone venue to venue with me, stood on the side lines watching concerts from a far while I hung out in press pits and mosh pits to get the shots.

Today I’m experiencing a bit of a Treefort let down.  I’m missing all the great music,  and feeling a bit old.  All those long days and late nights finally caught up to me.  However, I did get a chance to pick out a few of my favorite shots.  So here it is…. a small peek at my week of Treefort.

Treefort 2016, Pimps of Joytime
Pimps of Joytime
Treefort Music Festival, LEX
YACHT at Boise Treefort Music Festival
Mystery Skulls performs at Treefort Music Festival
Mystery Skulls

Leftover Salmon at Treefort Music Festival

Mamifer performs at Treefort Music Festival
Leftover Salmon perfoms at Treefort Music Festival
Leftover Salmon
Chelsea Wolfe performs at Treefort Music Festival
Chelsea Wolfe
Magic  Sword at Treefort 2016
Magic Sword
YACHT performs at Treefort Music Festival
Cello Joe on stage at Treefort Music Festival
Cello Joe
French Horn Rebellion on stage at Treefort
French Horn Rebellion
Leftover Salmon on the Treefort Music Festival Stage
Leftover Salmon