Aaron Paul’s “Triple 9” Movie Screening | Boise Event Photographer

Emmett Idaho native Aaron Paul came back to Boise this week to premier his new movie Triple 9.  Crowds flocked to downtown on Wednesday not only to try and get a glimpse of Aaron, but to get their free set of movie tickets to his new movie.  All tickets were free….the catch… you had to win them.


In addition to local radio stations running on air contests for tickets….Aaron used Twitter to execute a scavenger hunt for tickets on Wednesday afternoon.  Aaron tweeted clues to locations of tickets and people flocked to those locations hoping to score their free set.


The movie was scheduled to start at 7:30 pm, but crowds started lining up early in the day hoping to catch a glimpse and hopefully a selfie with Aaron himself.  I arrived on scene at about 6 pm to cover the nights events for the film studio… Open Road Films.  Events like this one don’t happen often in Boise so the excitement of the crowd was contagious.  Once Aaron arrived it only escalated.  News crews, local publications and hometown fans were on site and ready with camera in hand to document their version of his arrival.


With that said, below you’ll find my visual interpretation of the night’s below.  I’ve gathered a few of my favorites from the event to share with all of you.

Triple 9 Movie posterpeople in line for Triple 9 Movie screening in Boisecrowd waiting for Aaron PaulCrowd standing in front of Egyptian Theatre sign in BoiseAaron Paul arrives to Triple 9 Movie screeningAaron takes selfie with Boise residentCake Ballers Staff at Triple 9 Movie screeningcouple inside theatre at Triple 9 movie screeningAaron Paul talks to the pressAaron Paul talks to the presscrowd inside the Egyptian Theatre in BoiseAaron Paul takes selfie with 2 women in Boise, IdahoAaron Paul introduces the Triple 9 movie to Boise movie goersAaron Paul signs his autograph

Why You Should Print Your Digital Photos | Boise Portrait Photographer

     Technology today makes finding an image on our hard drive or the internet relatively simple….but I  still encourage my clients to have prints made.  Be it large prints for the wall, desk size prints for your office or albums to browse through with loved ones, prints are what I recommend to all my clients.
     You are probably asking why.  Why in the world would I pay for prints when I can just get the digital files and upload them to my computer or social Media pages to share with family and friends?   Well the answer is this.  Social media  is about the here… the now.  Prints on the other hand are about preserving memories for our future generations.   When purchasing a print from a professional photographer, you are purchasing a family heirloom which will be handed down for generations to come.  No one pulls out old negatives from 1905 to see what great grandpa and grandma looked like, we pull out prints and albums. 
     The same theory applies to digital files.  Digital files are the modern day negative; that’s the only way they should be thought of.  Prints  are the heirloom we hold onto.  The item we run back into a burning house to retrieve.  Prints are the treasured items that we pass down from generation to generation.
     50 years from now, when sitting down with your grandchildren to show them your wedding photos or baby photos of your future children… How will you show the photos?  Will computers still be able to read the files?  I doubt it.  A few perfect examples of how fast technology changes are  cassette tapes, VHS tapes and floppy discs.  Many of us remember these…but how many of us still have a device which can read the media?    With that said, I promise you, 50 years from now you’ll want to pull an album off the shelf, gather the grandchildren around the couch and start reminiscing right away.  This is why printed photos stand the test of time and digital media does not.
     I know prints may seem like an expensive luxury… but I assure you, the priceless memories the prints contain are well worth the expense.  If you’re hiring a professional photographer to take your portrait, you’re hiring him/her to capture this brief moment in time.  You should purchase prints from the session.  This time in your life meant enough to hire a professional photographer in the first place….why wouldn’t you have prints made?
Vintage B&W portraits
vintage B&W photos

Walk to End Alzheimer’s | Boise Event Photographer

This year was my 4th year photographing the Walk to End Alzheimer’s.  It’s held every October at Kleiner Park in Meridian.  I see a lot of smiling faces at this event and I can tell you I’ve noticed the number of attendees has been growing by leaps and bounds with each passing year.

Every year I see a number of new faces and sometimes hear a quick story about why the individuals I’m photographing are walking for the cause.  In addition, I have a number of people who come to the photo booth area each year.  It’s always nice to say hello again and help them create a memory they will cherish for years to come.  Especially since most of the teams are families gathering together in support of a loved one who has been diagnosed with the disease.

Walk to End Alzheimer’s is put together by the Alzheimer’s Association and proceeds from this annual fundraiser help support Alzheimer’s research and care.  The event is held nationwide, not just here in Boise!   So….if you’d like to get involved, I urge you to contact to the Alzheimer’s Association office nearest you.

Team photo at Boise charity walkcouple at Alzheimer's walk Boise

family portrait at charity walk

two women at boise charity walk