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Kayla: Part 1 / Rocky Mountain High School {Boise, Meridian senior portrait photographer}

I’ve known Kayla almost the entire time I’ve lived in Boise.  I met her mother years ago and at the time Kayla was only in elementary school .  It’s hard to believe she is now getting ready to enter her senior year of high school.
We decided to split Kayla’s senior portrait session into two days of shooting.  Day 1 was spent in the portrait studio getting a few shots that are considered “more traditional”.  The second day of shooting we spent in the great outdoors.  Kayla chose downtown Boise for her backdrop. We wandered through the streets and alleys looking for visual inspiration.
Since I just shot Kaylas outdoor session a few hours ago I’ve not had time to get images ready for this post.  We did get some gorgeous shots of Kayla so keep checking in to future posts to view the highlights from her outdoor session.