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Jens + Sarah / Boise pre bridal portraits

Pre bridal session?  What’s that?  It’s a very common questions in today’s wedding scene.  
Modern trends have led to more and more on location photography and in turn the studio portrait has been somewhat left to the wayside.  This is especially true with wedding photography.  

So what is a pre bridal session?  Well, simply put, a pre bridal session is a portrait session of the bride and groom or even just the bride taken days before if not weeks before the wedding.  It’s not necessary for the photographs to be taken in a studio setting but traditionally this has been the case.

Although a pre bridal session is not for everyone it does have it’s advantages.  I believe one of the biggest advantages is the lack of stress associated with the portrait session.  You and the photographer have ample amounts of time and you are only dealing with the one task at hand.  Creating beautiful portraits.  There are no wedding day distractions to contend with.
Recently I had the pleasure of photographing my first pre bridal in quite some time.  Jens and Sarah met me in January at the Wedding Party Show and asked if I ever photographed studio bridals.  Although they already had a photographer lined up for their big day, this couple needed to find a photographer with access to a studio.  I gladly accepted their request and set aside a few hours to spend with them just two days prior to their wedding.

Thanks Jens and Sarah for taking a few hours out of your busy schedules.  I had a great time!