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Home for the Holidays! / Montana portrait photographer

My husband and I always have a difficult time working out vacation time together.  He works in TV news Monday – Friday and I work a lot of evenings and weekends.  Our schedules and slow seasons don’t ever seem to coincide but once a year we always seem to find a few days to get away.  Recently he actually got a number of days off in a row and we decided to plan a trip to Montana.  We could visit my parents as well as see my brother and sister. 
Since Montana weather is so unpredictable, I had decided not to mention our potential plans to my parents.  I didn’t want to get their hopes up and then crush them if the weather turned bad.   The only person in the family who knew of our intentions was my brother.  After one canceled trip we weren’t even sure the trip would be possible.  At this point we decided if we did get the chance to drive up the following weekend we should surprise my parents.  It would be an early and very unexpected Christmas gift.
The following weekend came, the weather was good and we set out on our 12+ hour journey to my hometown.  I drove like the wind, which is not unusual for me at all…….I grew up during the days when the speed limit in Montana was “reasonable and prudent”.  The plan my brother and I had worked out was this.  He would show up at my parents house about 30 minutes before I was to pull into town.  He needed to keep them from going to bed and then my husband and I would ring the doorbell.

At 9:50 I rang the doorbell, heard a little commotion in the house and then my Dad opened the door.  “SURPRISE!”   His look was of shear confusion but happiness all rolled into one.  Mom after realizing it was us and not a high school prankster was almost jumping for joy.

In the end the surprise was a success and it was so wonderful seeing all of my family once again.
Happy Holidays everyone!
My Mom & Dad
I’m so proud of my parents!  
At the time this photo was taken my Mom had just lost 31 pounds and my father had just lost 42 pounds.   Since then, both have continued to drop in numbers and are still working on reaching their goal weight.   
Yahoo Mom & Dad!
My sister and her family
Litte Miss Shelby
(She’s now 2 years old)