Jared + Megan / Boise wedding photographer

Megan and Jared’s wedding was a beautiful mid summer affair held at Fourth Street Gardens in Emmett.  Their wedding was small, intimate, and family oriented but no details were left unattended.   Megan chose an eye popping color scheme of hot pink and lime green to accentuate her day and included these colors in every aspect of the wedding.  Shoes, attire and decorations all had at least one of these two colors added to brighten up an already sunny day.
Thanks for inviting me to be a part of your special day!
Yep, women love their shoes and these lime green beauties were a perfect fit for a hot summer wedding.

 bridesmaid’s earrings

Megan, Jared, and their girls

Senior Portraits / Boise portrait photographer

Kevin and his family recently moved into my neighborhood but I had never met them before, even in passing.  I first met his mother a few weeks back while I was working for a school photographer in the neighborhood.  I was outside watering the planters when his mother walked by. We started talking about plants and landscaping, and the next thing you know we’re talking about photography. She asked if I was available to take some photos of her very unwilling son who needed senior portraits.  I told her “no problem” and that I’d forward her pricing by email.  A few days go by and this time I’m walking down the street when I stumble upon his mother in front of her house.  It turns out we live a 1/2 block from each other.  I guess it just goes to prove how you can live so close to someone and never know them.
Picture day came along and boy o’ boy was mom right, this shy guy did not want to have his photo taken.  In fact Kevin would have been happy with just the yearbook shots.  Luckily his mother helped me coax him into taking just a few more and I’m so glad she did.  It’s not everyday you get to have your portrait professionally taken, especially once you hit adulthood.  
Although we didn’t take  a lot of photos we did end up with a few that I think will get him by until he can be talked into doing this again.

John + Loren / Boise wedding photographer

OK, so I’m way behind on this blog post but there is a good reason why.  I know…..excuses, excuses.  I’ve been a little bit busier than usual lately and the groom, an old friend from college was very understanding and told me not to rush. 

Prior to the wedding day I had not seen John since 1997.  We both had graduated from Montana State University and gone our separate ways.  Then one day Loren contacts me about wedding photography & packages.  I meet with Loren, talk about her wedding and we review the services I provide.  Throughout the entire consultation Loren is mentioning things like where John grew up & how he went to the navy after graduating from college.  She even told me a funny story about how they met.  Throughout the entire consultation I know her fiance’s name but I’m not putting two and two together.  At about midnight that same night I exclaim to my husband, “wait a minute, she’s marrying John Bailly!”  Of course my husband thinks I’m crazy.  Number one it’s the middle of the night and two what are the odds?  The next morning I call Loren, get her voice mail & leave a long message asking her if she’s marrying John Bailly who was a Sigma Nu at Montana State University.  Later that day both John and Loren call me to say OMG, yes!

I’m so glad that our paths crossed once again.  It has given me something this is actually quite rare, an opportunity to photograph an old friends wedding.  It was so nice to see John come full circle from his days as a young college guy.  Back then like all other guys he was just trying to find a girl he liked enough to go out with.  Now he’s found Loren and these two are just so perfect for each other.  They complement each others personalities in every way.  They truly are a perfect match 
Congratulations you two!  I wish you the best of luck in all your future endeavors.
The ceremony was held at  Our Lady of the Rosary Church
The reception was held at the Barber Park event Center.

This darling cake was made by:
Bobbi over at Albertsons (4700 N. Eagle Road)

The first Dance

Wedding Album / Boise wedding photographer

Wedding albums are just one of many products available to couples when they book a wedding with Leap Photography.  I truly believe every couple should have an album to have, hold and pass down to future generations.  
I delivered this one a few weeks ago but wanted to showcase it here on the blog.  This is an example of the 10″ x 10″ album offered in the “Deluxe Package”.  Album features include lay flat binding, panoramic spreads and flush mount pages.   Each and every album is completely custom made to your specifications.  You choose everything right down to the album color and cover material.
These are true heirloom quality albums that will still stand the test of time and be cherished by future generations.

Every album comes in a nice leather box to help protect from heat, sun & sticky fingers.
Many different cover materials are available, including leather, silk and fabric.
Panoramic layouts are available.
Photographs are mounted onto a thick durable acid free board and a protective spray is applied.

The McGee’s / Boise portrait photographer

If you don’t like children or you’re in a bad mood & you don’t want it to be improved then I suggest you look away…….and quick.  These new children portraits I’m about to post are so darn cute I guarantee they’ll make you smile.
If you’re still reading I’m assuming you’re in need of a little pick me up and you can’t wait to see what I’m about to reveal.  I  traded in my wedding shoes for a pair of sneakers so I could go play with these cute little ones and I had a blast.
Thank you McGee family for welcoming me into your home & allowing me the pleasure to photograph your family.
At 2.5 years old this little sweety is a burst of energy but boy is she cute as a button!
At just 3 weeks old this little one is just so warm & cuddly.
The first family photo with the new bundle of joy.