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With wedding season just around the corner I know brides are frantically trying to come up with a few last minute ideas for decorations & party favors. I’ve seen a few creative ideas over the years and thought I’d share.


These fans do a double duty on a hot summer day. Not only did they keep the guest cool but a nice thank you note was attached.

This couple incorporated their love of music into the theme of the wedding.
A mixed CD of the couples favorite music was given as a party favor and the grooms cake was a turntable.

Green apples & Gerber daisy’s gave this wedding a fresh & bright color palette.

Oh so pretty shoes & flowers for a traditional wedding.

This brides color scheme of chartreuse & salmon added a bright element to a mid August wedding in Donnelly.

A wonderful idea for a party favor, personalized mini champagne bottles.

Red, orange & yellow warm up the color palette for a spring wedding.

Simple yet creative centerpieces double as party favors.

A red wagon becomes a place for guests to leave their gifts + it can easily be moved
from the garden at the end of the evening.

This idea is perfect for any garden themed wedding.

Another creative idea for outdoor wedding decorations is to use dried flowers for centerpieces.
This dried lavender looked great & didn’t wilt in the 105 degree heat.

And finally the footwear.
Yes gentlemen…….even the shoes have to match!

House Projects / Boise Photographer

I’m sure a few of you have been wondering where I’ve been. It’s been about a month since my last post and I assure you I’ve been keeping myself very busy. I’ve had a little more down time than usual this spring and I worked up some motivation to get a few projects done around the house.

My husband and I purchased our first home 6 years ago. It’s a modest 1917 Bungalow. When looking for houses we were searching for a house that needed some TLC but that had great deal of character.

I fell in love with the house when we drove up to it. When we walked through the doors I was hooked. It had everything we were looking for plus it still had the original built in buffet & a set of french doors. We made an offer, got the house and started planning our remodeling projects before we even closed on the house.

We had decided our first “top priority” projects were to remove all the paint from the moldings & baseboards, refinish the hardwood floors and remodel the bathroom. So far we’ve only completed one of the three.

Two hours into being new home owners we started stripping the then 87 years worth of paint & grime from the moldings & baseboards. This project which we thought would only take a few weeks to complete has turned into a love hate relationship. I love the final results but boy o’ boy do I hate the process of getting to the finished product. We’re six years in, so you can only imagine how much I’ve grown to dislike refinishing wood.

Last month I got up the gumption to tackle the last section of the house in need of stripping. The hallway. Well needless to say I’m still chipping away at it. I discovered the hallway has been painted more often than any other section of the house.

More layers of paint = longer time to remove.

Here are just a few of the pictures from our most recent house projects.

Hallway Project

Necessary tools of the trade. Paint stripper and scrapers.
Early into the project we discovered all the wood had to be stripped on the wall. The wood is to old and brittle to remove.

Bathroom Mini Remodel

We’re not ready to tackle the bathroom project quite yet but thought we would finally give it a fresh coat of paint.

I’ve complained about the previous owner’s color choice every since we moved in. Seriously……. Big Bird Yellow? What were they thinking?

Spring is in the air…..Yahoo!

Spring is actually here and I finally got an early start on planting. The past few years I’ve been seriously lacking in the home & garden department. I got seeds started on time and I am so proud of myself. I’m not sure but it has definitely been more than 2 years since I’ve accomplished this much so early in the year.
This is a seed tray my husband built for me. It holds 6 seed tray compartments + it’s heated from the bottom for accelerated plant growth.
Just a few of the many seeds I planted in early March. Brandy Boy tomatoes are great. If you’ve ever had Brandywine tomatoes, then you know what I’m talking about. The great thing about Brandy Boy plants is they produce about 400% more tomatoes and they ripen sooner.

A must if you have a garden! A seed planter. It’s especially beneficial for separating those super tiny seeds. I bought this one from a few years ago.

Oh My!!! One of my first little sprouts.

Approximately 1 month after planting & in need of transplanting to bigger pots. This container contains arugula, mescalin, Burpee Picklers, annual purple poppys, morning glory & moon flower plants.

The new seed tray.

I have a few beneficial chemicals that I always use. Miracle Grow Quick Start is great for transplant shock.

This stuff is a must have! It’s sold at a few places around town. I usually buy mine at Farwest Nursery.
I use this in conjunction with quick start to stimulate root growth in all transplants. I use it on everything. Seeds I plant, flowers I buy. Anything going into a flower pot or the garden.

It contains a symbiotic fungus that inoculates the roots and helps roots grow and then aids nutrient uptake from the soil.. Again, all of my plants get dosed with it.

Now we wait for summer and all the pretty flowers… Our flower palette is mainly purples and blues, yellows, and white… but that is for another blog.

Rock Bottom Pricing!! / Boise Wedding Photographer

Everyone deserves great wedding photography at a reasonable price an the current economic climate shouldn’t put a damper on your photography plans.

Your wedding is a once in a lifetime event and the photographs should not be left to chance. That’s why I’ve decided to roll out what I’m referring to as my “Recession Specials”. For a limited time I will be offering wedding photography coverage at significantly discounted pricing + you will receive a disc of all the edited wedding day images.

Recession Special pricing starts at $650.

Some 2010 wedding dates are still available so give me a call to see if I’m available on your special day.