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Spring is Here!! /Boise Photographer

The recent gorgeous weather combined with the things I’m finding in my yard are just making me positively giddy. I love to work in my yard and soon will be getting the chance to get my hands dirty and get some new plants in the ground.

When my husband and I bought our home 5 years ago we had a house and a yard overtaken by weeds, dead trees and shrubs and an occasional clump of grass. We had our work cut out for us not only outside but inside the house as well. 5 years later and and we have made significant progress and I have a backyard that still needs some work but now provides us with joy all spring, summer and fall.

Here are a few pictures of flowers I found in my yard this morning.

One of my favorite spring flowers. When they are in full bloom the smell is intoxicating and the flower is to die for.



Always the first sign that spring is here.