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Spicy concoctions | Boise Product Photographer

I just have to give my friend Molly and her business a little plug. Molly is the owner of Molly’s Mills and she sells a variety of awesome spice concoctions to anyone. Cross my heart and hope to die, she has no idea I’m even doing this.

Molly and I met through our husbands who we admit are huge “beer geeks”. This is not a term we use lightly because both of our husbands are serious about their beer. These two and all of their “beer geek” buddies are not alcoholics by any stretch. No, they collect beer, each has their own beer cellar which all the other guys envy and inspect on a regular basis, and they even get together for regular beer tastings. Like I said this is serious business. Because Molly and I are so supportive of our husbands common interests we tend to be the two who host the “tastings” most often. We each attend most of the tastings and in turn have had a considerable amount of time to get to know each other and talk shop.

Molly and I are both business owners. I obviously am the face of Leap Photography and Molly runs a successful business that you can visit any Saturday at the Capital City Market. Her business, Molly’s Mills offers a variety of spice blends and mills for purchase. Her spice blends are wonderful and economically priced.

So if my little plug isn’t shameless enough…….go to her website, visit her at the market.
Just try her stuff!