2010 Wedding Product Lineup / Boise Wedding Photographer

It’s once again wedding planning season and questions keep rolling in about all of the different products I offer to couples. I know your time is valuable and setting up an appointment to meet me in person is not always possible, so I decided to highlight a few images included in my 2010 price brochure.

5×5 Leather Bound Albums

This little gem is great for small weddings or as a parent album and is included in the “Basic Wedding” coverage. A variety of cover colors and styles are available.

8×8 and 10×10 Albums

This style album is included in both the “Traditional Wedding and “Deluxe Wedding” packages. Each album contains a minimum of 20 pages, each artfully designed by Leap Photography.
All albums are custom designed to your specifications and a generous selection of both leather and fabric covers are available for you to choose from.

Guest Books

This isn’t your mom’s guest book. No plain white lined paper here. These cute little keepsakes not only have pages for your guests to write a special note, but also contain a few of your favorite images from the engagement session.
Like all of the albums we offer this one is also custom designed to your specifications. Signature pages are available in white or black. A generous selection of covers materials are available in both leather and fabric.

Proof Magazines
Proof magazines are designed to help you choose those images you would like to include in your album. Each cover highlights on of my favorite shots from your special day while the inside of the book includes all of the edited proofs from your wedding day.

2010 Wedding Party Show / Boise Wedding Photographer

Well it’s been a little over 2 weeks and I’m finally getting around to posting these images. I have been extremely busy meeting couples I met at the bridal show but that’s not the real reason they didn’t get posted sooner. The truth is, I’m a lot like the mechanic who never works on their own car. I take pictures of family & friends all the time. I back them up to the computer and tell myself I’ll deal with them tomorrow, because today I need to get “this/that” done for a client. Well of course almost every personal image I take sits and sits until someone such as my Mother starts to give me a hard time. So here you go Mom, they’re finally posted. Better late then never, right?

My husband is still really proud (1 year later) of his construction work on this wall display.
He came up with a brilliant idea on how to make it portable, lightweight & reusable.

Big Thanks go out to my father in law for making such beautiful oak furniture.
I love each piece so much I decided to incorporate them into my space.

The engagement giveaway table

Album display table

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Well I guess it happens to all of us eventually, the dreaded run in with technology. It’s so great when it works and really sucks when it doesn’t.

To make a long story short our email has been down for at least 24 hours and maybe a bit longer. The problem is now resolved. If you have been trying to get a hold of us and have not received a reply email please resend your email and we will get back to you right away.

We appreciate your understanding and apologize for the inconvenience.

Coffee….. Frappacino Anyone / Boise Commercial Photographer

Saturday evening while packing up from a long day’s work at the 2010 Wedding Party Show I met Tag, The owner of Doppio Catering. He had a booth in this years show as well and asked if I ever take photos of anything besides people.

He is currently in the process of working with a web designer and desperately needs photos for his site. I was happy to take just a few minutes to check out his space and snap off a few quick photos to help him out.