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Chris & Belinda / Boise Wedding Photographer

I’m a lucky girl. I was fortunate enough to spend another day with a fun couple and their friends & family.Belinda and her girls started out the morning with an enthusiastic attitude, champagne and a few mixed drinks. Some might think they were crazy to celebrate so early in the day, but you only get married once. I say celebrate!!Once again the weather was on our side. All day long we watched the clouds come together and turn a deep blue. Weather forecasts predicted a downpour and there were concerns we would all experience a “wet” wedding. The forecast were not completely incorrect. Boise, Meridian, and Eagle did receive a substantial amount of rain but the thunderous clouds moved around Wood River Cellars and only dropped a few good luck raindrops on all of us.

Congratulation Chris & Bel!


Chris & the girls started their day at Fascinations hair & nail Salon. Girls just want to have fun

Belinda in the hair salon
ouch, ouch, ouch!
tying up the dress

lacing up the dress
Belinda’s son is such a cutie!

Belinda and her son the ring bearer
bride in the window
photo of the bride
photo of the groom
a group portrait of the groomsmen

the rings

Belinda’s Dad was even a little nervous about the walk down the aisle. I heard he even had to practice a little the night before in the hotel. He wanted to make sure his timing was just right.

Belinda's father walking her down the isle
Boise wedding ceremony
the exchange of rings
a first kiss
bride and groom by the waterfall
bride and groom under the archway

wedding cake

The video tribute brought smiles to everyone’s face.

the bridesmaids having a good time
the first dance

This is one of my favorite shots from the day. Belinda’s father did a great job of holding back the tears during the father daughter dance.

father daughter dance

Boys will be boys.

a group of the wedding guests

VCI Audio Entertainment helped create another memorable highlight which I’m sure none of the guests will soon forget.

the garter toss
bride and groom at the end of the night

Happy Honeymoon!

bride and groom in the limo