Chris & Cassandra just got hitched! / Boise Wedding Photographer

I’m so excited spring is finally here and wedding season is just getting started. After a long winter I’m ready for wedding season to start. Call me crazy but I truly enjoy photographing weddings. So much excitement and joy is in the air and its just a pleasure to be included in any couple’s wedding day plans.

I met Chris and Cassandra a few months ago. From the beginning I could see how excited they were to be getting married. Their main goal was to have fun at their wedding.

Their wedding was held at the Wild Rose Manor in Caldwell. The location is a short distance outside of town but well worth the drive.

Melissa from Caritta Salon did a great job on hair and makeup!

After Cassandra got into her dress we wandered outside. I found this fun corner on the grounds that had a set of old jail cell doors. Cassandra was up for anything so we took a few shots just for fun.

This is one of my favorite shots from the day!

The converse sneakers were the topic of many conversations.
I agree with Casssandra…….if you’re going to have fun you might as well be comfortable.

The ceremony was beautiful.
Everything went as planned except Cassandra forgot her bouquet in the brides room. OOPS!!

Computers for Kids

I know I usually write about all the great couples I work with and show you some of my favorite pictures but this time I thought I would share something a little different.

I’ve been tripping over my old computer for about 2 years. I didn’t know what to do with it and really did not want to just drop it off at the Youth Ranch. I know my way around a computer but I’ve never had the courage to wipe a computer clean. After 2 years of collecting dust and stubbing my toe I came across a local organization that helps kids in need by giving them a computer. The organization is called “Computers For Kids”

The process was so easy. I walked in with my old PC, filled out some paper work and I was on with the rest of the day. Not only are you helping out students when you donate to this program your giving yourself a little gift too. More storage space and a tax credit. Who doesn’t like that. Computers for kids then refurbishes your unwanted PC and gives it to a student.

To find out more about the program and how it works you can visit their website by clicking on this link: