Business Head Shots / Boise Portrait Photographer

I recently took new head shots for the gentleman below. He had been using a “mugshot” of himself taken up against a white wall in the office for his company newsletter. He had mentioned his customers were giving him a hard time about the the picture and teasing him about how unflattering it was. Honestly I’ve seen the newsletter and his clients have a right to poke a little fun at him. The photo really could have been used on a drivers license and we all know how horrible those photos are.

So I came to the rescue and took a few new updated head shots for him.
I think these should do the trick.

Ericca & Bobby’s Wedding / Boise Wedding Photographer

Ericca & Bobby’s wedding was held at the CW Moore Plaza. This location has a great view of downtown Boise and the capital.

Although I had never met the couple until the day of the wedding (its a long story), it was obvious from the very beginning, they were meant for each other.

Ericca getting ready for the big day.

*Something Blue*

One button/section of Ericca’s bussle was very difficult to find. Both her mother and sister spent about a half hour trying to pull the thread/loop that supports the bussle from the lace work on her dress. We finally gave up trying to find the original thread work, and I decided to get handy with needle and thread and make a new bussle loop.

“The Ceremony”

“The First Kiss”

This portrait was taken in the lobby of the CW Moor Plaza. I love the curved ceiling of the hallway!


Love the cake! It’s simple but bold.
Great job Rebeccas Cakes & Catering!

“First Dance

Chris & Alisha’s wedding / Boise Wedding Photographer

Last week I had the privilege of photographing Chris & Alisha’s wedding. They chose to have their wedding at the River Rock Ranch in Star Idaho. The scenery was just beautiful and the weather couldn’t have been better.

WOW!!! Alisha….you’re a very lucky girl.

A great looking family.

Alisha with her children.
Jazlin and Briant are so cute that it is hard not to pinch their cheeks.

I just love calla lillies!

Alisha was a little nervous before the ceremony but she was just fine once she saw Chris waiting for her at the end of the aisle.

A very unique cake topper.
Lovely table decorations!

Chris & Alisha’s first dance. What a happy couple.


It has been a crazy month for me! On July 19th I got married to my college sweatheart. Although our wedding was small (only 50 people) I still felt so worn out and frazzled after all was said and done. I now understand the real importance of the honeymoon. You need all week to catch up on sleep!

So now I’m back to work and gearing up this morning to go out and shoot a family photo session. I met Michelle at David’s Bridal a few months back when I was trying on wedding dresses. She has a wonderful sense of humor and an amazing amount of energy. If her family is anything like she is we should all have a really great time this morning.

I’ll post a few sneak peeks later this weekend for everyone to view.